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Are Cockatiels Louder Than Budgies?- (Explained!)

Are Cockatiels Louder Than Budgies

Cockatiels and budgies are the most common pet birds. So, many bird enthusiasts or people wanting to own a bird may wonder between a cockatiel and a budgie which is louder. It is an important question, especially if you live in an apartment where you would rather have a quiet bird.

So, are cockatiels louder than budgies? Yes, cockatiels are louder than budgies. Cockatiels have an extensive vocal palette. It includes whistles, contact calls, chirps, and screams. Budgies also make noise but not as loud as cockatiels. If we scale the noise from one to five, cockatiels will get a three while budgies get a one.

In case of danger, both birds can be very loud. They produce a shrieking sound that is very displeasing to human ears. So do not ignore it. Keep reading to find out more about cockatiels’ noise levels.

Are Cockatiels Louder Than Budgies?

Cockatiels are much louder than budgies. They are very similar to budgies, only that budgies have softer noises than cockatiels. Also, cockatiels are louder than a budgie due to their size. A cockatiel is much larger compared to a budgie. 

Budgies only make noise when there is a need to do so. For example, when there is danger or when they are hungry. So, choose a budgie over a cockatiel if you want a quieter environment.

In the wild, cockatiels chirp loudly to communicate with each other. They warn each other of looming threats through contact calls or warning cries. Sometimes, a cockatiel will use a contact call even in captivity when a predator is in its vicinity. You cannot miss a contact call because it is a high-pitched screeching sound and can reach up to 80 decibels.

Are Cockatiels Louder Than Budgies

A sound of 80 decibels can be very harmful to human ears. The good news is that cockatiels will only screech if something is wrong. Warning cries are an essential cockatiel behavior because it saves the rest of the flock from danger. 

If cockatiel screeches in your home, try and find out what is happening. It could be due to fear, boredom, or attention. When a cockatiel screams at you for attention, do not scream back at it. Cockatiels have no idea that you are annoyed; instead, they see themselves as successful in getting your attention. 

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So, you can leave the room and return once the cockatiel is quiet. After some time, the cockatiel will learn that it will not get your attention when it screeches. You could also reward the cockatiel once it stops screaming.

When Do Cockatiels Get Very Loud?

Cockatiels do not chirp all day. Unlike parakeets, cockatiels have periods when they are quiet. Mostly, cockatiels will chirp loudly in the morning and the evening. The cockatiel will be resting at noon, meaning it will be quiet. At sunset, it will pick up the chirping and quiet down when darkness sets in.  

When Do Cockatiels Get Very Loud

If you notice your cockatiel being loud consistently, something is wrong. It could be because it is scared due to a cat or dog nearby, hungry or bored. Also, during the winter, the cockatiel tends to be quieter than during the summer.

How Do I Calm Down A Loud Cockatiel?

As we have already established, cockatiels can be very loud. Here are ways you can employ if your cockatiel starts being loud.

How Do I Calm Down A Loud Cockatiel
  • Cover the cage when the cockatiel makes a lot of noise; if it remains quiet, remove the cover and reward it. The cockatiel will learn that if it makes noise, its cage will be covered, but if it remains quiet, it will be rewarded. If you choose this approach, you must be consistent so that the cockatiel can adjust.
  • Remove the cockatiel’s cage from an area containing other animals, such as cats and dogs. Avoid placing the cage near a window due to the presence of predator birds. When you own a cockatiel, you must provide a serene environment.
  • Ensure your cockatiel gets 12 hours of darkness followed by 12 hours of light. That guarantees that the cockatiel receives sufficient rest, which keeps it calm and promotes health.
  • Take your cockatiel to the veterinarian if it becomes ill. Also, ensure that you feed your cockatiel regularly.
  • If the cockatiel demands attention, provide it with a partner or cage accessories. Examples of toys include hanging bells and puzzles. Additionally, you may teach your cockatiel tricks. Include rewards within the riddles that your cockatiel will find upon completing the task.
  • If your cockatiel chirps while you’re nearby, try not to holler back. Cockatiels are ignorant of your irritation; they believe you are merely responding to their call. React gently and employ positive reinforcement, such as rewarding a cockatiel for its quiet behavior.
  • You could also avoid the cage if the cockatiel chirps loudly. This is because cockatiels can take advantage of this and chirp whenever they like.
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Video Of Cockatiel Making A Contact Call

Here is a video to help you how loud a cockatiel’s contact call can be.


Here are other related questions you might want to know about cockatiels and budgies.

1. Why do cockatiels or budgies become louder when you talk louder?

They become louder as a way to show dominance over you. It could also be because they think you are joining in on the conversation. When you talk louder, the bird knows it has your attention. 

So to keep getting the attention, the bird will keep chirping loudly. That is why you should not scream back at the bird, no matter how annoyed you are. Instead, you can leave the room and come back later.

2. Are male cockatiels louder than female cockatiels?

There is no difference in volume between the male and female cockatiel. Many people believe that females are louder because they often vocalize to return to the male’s singing. However, there is not much evidence to support this. 

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Cockatiels are more vocal than budgies. They are also larger, which causes them to vocalize at a higher volume. Be aware of the noise levels before purchasing a cockatiel. However, if you properly care for your cockatiel, it will have no reason to screech. There may be some screeching, but you can avoid constant screeching.


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