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Are My Budgies Fighting or Playing? How to Differentiate

Are My Budgies Fighting or Playing

Just like humans, budgies play and fight with other pets in the flock. It is sometimes hard to differentiate playing from fighting since they use their beaks on both occasions. Preening and regurgitating are regular budgie habits that often confuse new pet parents.

So, are my budgies fighting or playing? To differentiate fighting from playing, you have to understand the budgie’s body language. When budgies are playing, they are calm, and their singing isn’t loud. On the other hand, fighting budgies often flap their wings and hiss at each other.

There are many activities by your sociable bird that you might be misinterpreting. Read more to know why your budgie will fight and how to prevent that.

Are My Pet Budgies Fighting or Playing?

These intelligent birds use their beaks for almost everything, including playing and fighting. This fact makes it hard for budgie owners to differentiate if they are playing or fighting. Sometimes preening and regurgitating will look like a budgie brawl, whereas it’s just an affectionate sign from these social birds.

Are My Pet Budgies Fighting or Playing

Body language is the deal breaker for whether the pets are fighting or playing. When playing, the birds tend to be relaxed, and their chirping sounds are also calm. Fighting budgies exhibit aggressive behaviors, loud squawks, and frequently one bird is forcing the other to the ground. Also, if the pets are fighting, one budgie tries to run from the other while the other chases it.

Why Are My Budgies Fighting?

Budgies are calm birds by nature who rarely get agitated or aggressive. However, if the birds are frequently pecking, hissing, and squawking at each other, it might be a warning sign. Below is a list of common reasons budgies fight and how to fix them.

Why Are My Budgies Fighting
  1. Territory – Like humans, budgies like some of their items, like toys and a feeding bowl, to remain private. When you bring home a new budgie, the old one will likely feel threatened and fight to keep the personal space. Mostly territorial aggression happens in the first few days though it’s best first to keep them in separate cages.
  2. Feeding – Some budgie pets don’t like sharing favorite treats with others, occasionally resulting in a budgie brawl. It’s best to serve your pets enough treats in different food bowls.
  3. Swing fight – Budgies like to perch on swings as they relax or sleep. If you provide them with fewer swings than their number, there is a high probability of budgie fighting over it. Every budgie should have its own swing placed at a distance from the other.
  4. Mating – It is best to get these affectionate birds in pairs for each to have a partner during the mating season. If one gender is greater than the other, members of that group will fight to get a partner. Female budgies are more aggressive than males, especially during the breeding season, and might require a larger cage to feel secure.
  5. Temperaments Some budgies are loud and active by nature while others are less active and prefer silence. Differences in characters will often lead to a bird brawl, with the active and aggressive bird agitating the calm one. However, pet budgies will likely find other pets matching their character within the flock.
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How Do I Tell If My Budgie Pets Like Each Other?

Happy birds which are well fed, healthy, and play together usually like each other’s company. However, one cannot be sure from these happy scenarios, and might require more knowledge. Below are common positive signs that your budgies like each other.

How Do I Tell If My Budgie Pets Like Each Other
  1. Your budgies are perching together on one swing closely to each other.
  2. Your pets are preening each other’s heads.
  3. Your budgies are regurgitating with each other, especially if one pet is unwell and underfed.
  4. Your pet birds are feeding with each other from the same feeding bowl.
  5. Your feathered friends are playing with each other and sharing the same toys.

Budgies are probably among the best-known talkers in the birds’ family. They are also sociable and are said to be happier in pairs. If you’re to keep them in pairs, ensure you have a male and a female to avoid unnecessary fights over territories. But, if you’re keeping them as a crowd, keep observing them carefully. 

For their utmost comfort, ensure you feed them well and provide clean water always. If they don’t seem to get along, observe their behavior for a few days before deciding to separate them. It may take a few hours to days for them to get used to each other, so be patient with them. 

Video Of Budgies Fighting Each Other

The below video shows two budgies fighting. You will realize this is an aggressive fight where one seems subdued. In such a case, you may consider separating them if the fights persist. 

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It’s normal for new budgie parents not to understand what these cuddly birds are doing with their beaks. While what they might think is playing might be a fight, the uncertainty leads to numerous questions. Below are frequently asked questions on this topic and their answers.

1. Is It Normal for Budgies to Play & Fight?

Playing and fighting regularly happen among these singing birds living in the same budgie society. Female budgies who are more territorial than males during the nest-building and mating season will often fight. Ensuring the pets have enough space and are in pairs can help reduce the possibilities of the budgies fighting.

2. Why Are My Budgies Biting Each Other’s Beaks?

When these bickering birds are pecking at each other, they might be fighting for territorial dominance, toys, or social hierarchy. In other cases, budgies bite each other’s beaks like a bird kiss, a way of showing affection. Keeping new pets in separate cages can reduce fights occurring within the flock.

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Budgies will often fight if things in their environment bother them, and it’s up to you to provide a logical solution. They also will play and show affection when they are well fed, in good health, and in a safe environment. On both occasions, they will be using their beaks, and understanding their body language will help differentiate the two.

Some things like preening and feeding together are signs these friendly birds like each other’s company. Often squawks and hisses on the other side mean the flock is unhappy and something needs to be sorted. Providing enough toys and keeping the budgies in pairs can help maintain peace among these colorful pets.


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