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Budgie Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Budgie? (+13 Tips)

Budgie Care Guide

There is a saying, “The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.” As a tame bird lovers, we always love to have birds like Parakeet or Budgie. Do we really know how to take care of birds like Budgie? This article will reveal the How to Take Care of Your Budgie?

Are you planning to buy a Budgie bird? If so, you should know that Australian budgies are affectionate and devoted pet birds. They require proper care, a good environment, healthy facilities, proper feeding, sleeping, grooming as well as medication. 

In general, a pet owner is attracted to such adorable birds for their sociability, cuteness, and affordability. But before that, get some proper tips just by following the article.  

Budgie Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Budgie? (+13 Tips)

Small parakeets are one of the most attractive and colorful bird species. We have some tips from expert veterinarians about the care guide for the cute budgie just before you get the bird.

Budgie Care Guide

Rainbow Budgie Bird Information Chart

Not everyone knows about the bird species and their nature. So, before we know how to pet a budgie, let’s share some facts that a new pet owner needs to know about the bird. 

Rainbow Budgie
Budgie Bird Information Chart
NameBudgerigars, Budgie, parakeets
Scientific NameMelopsittacus undulatus
Origin Australia
Weight 1.6 to 2.2 oz or 45.3 to 65.3g (English Little Budgie)
Length 25.4 cm or 10″
Color Vibrant or parakeet colors or rainbow budgie
Personality Peaceful relaxed bird
Ability Can remember over 1700 words (Record) and mimic human words
Lifespan 5 to 7 years (English), and 7 to 12 years (American)

Are Budgies Easy to Take Care Of?

For people who are fond of birds and willing to adopt a bird into their home, budgies will be a great choice for them. It’s easy to handle, especially for beginners, and not expensive to care for. 

Are Budgies Easy to Take Care Of

Besides, they easily get attached to human beings, which is a plus point about their characteristics. One thing you should keep in mind is to pay attention to them every day.

Basic Budgie Care Guide – 13 Tips to Follow

Even if you have never kept a bird before, budgies are undoubtedly amazing tiny pets to handle with. However, there are some requirements that you need to follow to keep your budgies alive.

Basic Budgie Care Guide

Let’s have a look at some proper guidelines for taking care of your budgie.

1. Budgies For Beginners

There are lots of misconceptions about budgies. If you are a beginner, you must know some basic information to get a budgie.

Budgies For Beginners
  • First, you need to know that budgies are types of parrots, which means they are intelligent
  • They are good as starter birds or beginner birds. Especially good for children
  • If you check the parakeet colors, you will mostly find the bird colorful and rare budgie bird, not available that much
  • Like other birds, they can also be trained
  •  Owners have to be dedicated towards budgies
  • Sometimes, they can be difficult to tame

2. Budgies As Good Pet

Budgies are among the most popular pet birds worldwide. They are ideal for household pets. Let’s see why they are known as good pets.

Budgies As Good Pet
  • They love to interact with their owners
  • Can make human speech 
  • If you properly train them, they will become the best companion
  • Compared to other birds, they are more social
  • Inexpensive to buy

3. 1 or 2 Budgies

  • As budgies are social, it is better to have them in pairs to let them live cheerfully
  • If they live in pairs they can groom each other, which helps them to nurture their intelligence skill
  • They feel safe when they live in a pair. As a result, their health condition will improve
1 or 2 Budgies

3. Budgie Cage and Housing 

Usually, birds are likely to have more space so that they can play or spread their wings. As budgies are playful birds, they require large cages for flying, playing, sleeping, and feeding.

Budgie Cage and Housing
  • The cage should measure at least 20” in length by 12” wide by 18“ in height
  • Proper natural light and wind must pass through
  • Keep in mind the cage has enough space for its wings to spread out
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For the betterment of your pet and to protect them from germs you have to clean the cage routinely. Many owners get confused and they asked How do I clean my bird’s cage?

  •  Clean the cage at least once a week
  •  Use light dish soap to clean
  • Avoid using any household cleaners
  • Use warm water to wash the cage floor as well as the birds’ food and water bowls
  •  Make sure everything rinses out well

5. Entertainment And Fun

Budgies are lively, intelligent, tiny creatures that require mental stimulation. Whether you have a single or a pair of budgies, you must keep them entertained.

  • Buy bird-specific accessories, such as perch and toys in various sizes, forms, and materials
  • Ensure that there aren’t too many toys, which might crowd the cage. Try to have at least 3-4 toys in a cage
  • Sometimes, let your budgies play outside of the cage. Keep in mind there are no hot surfaces or open windows that could damage your pet
  • You can try to talk with them often

6. Budgie Grooming

Budgie Grooming

Regular self-grooming is a behavior of every budgie.

  • In order to grow new feathers, budgies need regular grooming
  • You need to encourage your pet to continue grooming itself every day
  • Give the bird a bath by placing a shallow basin of warm water in the bottom of the cage at least twice a week

7. Budgie Health

Like other pets, budgies might get sick. Due to lack of care or proper food, they get ill. To keep your pet healthy, you need to follow some steps.

Budgie Health
  • Maintain a proper diet chart
  • Avoid feeding them excessive seeds
  • Keep your pet bird clean and well-nourished
  • If your bird stays quiet for a while, feels bored, or not doing their typical activities, you need to be aware of it
  • You can meet a vet for regular trimming

8. Visit the Vet

If you are a new bird owner, finding a bird veterinarian should be your top priority. Plus, you need to follow some facts such as:

Budgie Visit the Vet
  • Try to take your budgie to the veterinarian at least once a year
  • Check your budgie’s body language. If you notice any unusual activities of your pet, consult the vet as soon as possible

9. Budgie Temperature Range

Budgies have moved away from their natural tropical climate. Therefore, cold areas will be sensitive to them. The owner should be aware of the temperature range.

  • Temperature range should be 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is comfortable for them
  • Never let them below 60 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Temperature should not be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If necessary, use a cage cover to keep the temperature warm

10. Feeding Tips for Your Cute Budgie 

A healthy diet helps to keep your budgie happy and alive. It is essential for every owner to know the proper food chart for their budgie.

Feeding Tips for Your Cute Budgie 
  • Use metal bowls as plastic ones spread bacteria
  • Try to feed fresh veggies, fruits, and seeds on a daily basis
  • The diet should consist of 20% to 25% food items
  • Avoid junk foods, chocolate, garlic, onion, and avocado
  • Provide clean water every day
  • A piece of cuttlefish will benefit its beak
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11. How to Train a Budgie?

Budgies are quick learners. The owner needs to follow some tips and tricks to train their budgies.

How to Train a Budgie
  • First, make them comfortable to win their trust
  • Let them settle in their new cage
  • Gentle interaction without touching
  • Don’t increase their anxiety and have patience
  • It’s better to feed them with your hand. It helps them to recognize you quickly
  • Call them by their name and teach them to speak
  • Let them occasionally out of the cage to make them socialize

12. Bathing Tips for Budgies

Regular bathing is necessary for budgies to maintain their feathers and keep them clean.  

Bathing Tips for Budgies
  • Owner should encourage them to bathe daily
  • If you ask, how often should I bathe my budgie? Taking a bath at least two to three times a week is preferable
  • Give warm water
  • Set the bowl in the cage
  • After bathing, take the bowl and wash it off
  • Let them dry after showering

13. Can Budgies Drink Tap Water?

Drinking water maintains the bird’s temperature, develops its health condition, provides nutrition, and gets rid of waste.

  • Provide fresh, clean water once a day
  • Tap water needs to be boiled to make it safe
  • Avoid unfiltered tap water
  • Never provide soda or flavorful water

How to Take Care Budgerigar Bird – Some Additional Tips

Apart from the tips provided above, you still can take note of these additional tips for your beloved pet. 

How to Take Care Budgerigar Bird

Breed Selection

Budgies are perfect for breeding if you put them in pairs. Before that, set an ideal environment to encourage them to breed.

  • First, bring a breeding cage
  • Get a nesting box
  • Age should be at least one-year-old
  • Provide protein foods

Birds Need Attention and Care

Since budgies belong to the flock, they love to interact with others. They love to get attention from their owners. Hence, make sure you are able to give the proper amount of affection. It is better to play and talk to them for at least one hour. It helps to build trust between the owners and the pet.

Budgerigar Birds Need Attention and Care

Environment To Sleep

Budgies prefer to take their nap on top of their perch. Usually, they sleep around ten to twelve hours.

Sometimes owners cover the budgie cage so that they can sleep well. But some budgies are afraid of darkness. When they are sleeping, try to keep the temperature 70 to 80 Fahrenheit.


Read these freqeutnly asked questions for more information on a budgie. 

Q: How should I take care of my sick budgie?

You can easily treat your ill budgies at home. Keep them in a warm or cozy place. If the veterinarian has prescribed any medicine, provide that, and try to feed them extra calories. However, consult a vet if you notice unusual behavior from the bird.

Q: Should budgies be kept alone or paired?

If you can spend most of your time with your budgie, it is better to have one. But if not, get another one.

Q: How much sleep do budgies need at night?

Budgie birds require an average of 12 hours of peaceful sleep to keep them healthy and joyous.

Final Words

If you checked the entire article, we hope you got the complete guideline to keep the Budgie bird in your houses like a king and queen. So what advice is required for a pet owner has been cleared in the topic: “Budgie Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Budgie? (+ 13 Tips).”

The care guide especially choosing the right breed. Thus, maintaining them properly, giving them a good environment, feeding them right and visiting the vet should also be maintained. Likewise, giving them proper attention to teaching speaking words will ensure you are taking proper care of your Budgie Bird.


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