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Can Budgies Eat Carrots? Are They Toxic To Your Pet Bird?

Can Budgies Eat Carrots

Carrots are one of the healthiest veggies for humans. But how do they work out for your budgies? Can you give them to your pet bird, or are they toxic to them? If you’re unsure whether carrots are good for your beloved budgies, this guide is for you.

So, can budgies eat carrots? Yes, carrots are safe for budgies to eat. The tasty vegetables have a variety of minerals and vitamins that will keep your budgie’s body healthy. They also have no poisonous parts to remove, making them one of the safest foods for budgies. However, you should limit how much carrot the budgie consumes to keep them from developing issues with their digestion and becoming overweight.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about feeding carrots to your budgies. We have discussed whether you should give raw or cooked carrots, how to cut them for your budgies, the health benefits they offer your budgies, and so much more.

Can you feed carrots to budgies?

Carrots are on the list of the wide range of safe vegetables to feed your budgie. The tasty treats provide budgies with essential minerals and vitamins that help keep them healthy. One such nutrient is vitamin A which promotes budgies immune system, prevents the onset cataract, and supports healthy cell growth.

Since vegetables are one of the pillars for a properly balanced diet for budgies, adding carrots to your budgie’s diet will ensure they get the right diet that keeps them happy and healthy.

Some bird owners only focus on pellets, seeds (eg sunflower seeds), and fresh fruits but completely ignore important foods like vegetables that a bird must be fed to nourish their nutrient needs and stay healthy.

Note that there are no poisonous seeds or parts to remove in carrots for your budgie. You can feed the carrot greens and orange parts of the carrot to your parrots without fear of intoxicating them.

Can you feed carrots to budgies

Like all other fruits and veggies, you must be careful how many carrots you feed to your budgie. If you’ve eaten a raw carrot before, you’ll agree that it packs a high amount of sugar content (fructose).

Give them too much of this vegetable, and they might develop issues with their digestion system, which results in diarrhea. They might even gain weight and become obese.

Before feeding the carrots to your budgies, it is important to prepare them correctly to make them safe for your budgies to eat. This is especially important for non-organic carrots that must be washed to remove pesticides from their skin.

Cutting the carrots into small chunks will make them easy to eat for your budgies.

Do Budgies Like carrots?

Captive and wild budgies like carrots since they’re one of the sweet and delicious vegetables. The little pets are generally fond of sweet things. The crunchy feel of carrots gives them a nice way to exercise their jaws.

It’s quite rare for a budgie to not eat a carrots treat. And if it happens, it’s most likely because your budgie doesn’t know if carrots are a safe food, or it may just be scared of them.

Some budgie owners have tried eating carrots in front of their budgies. This trick works in getting the pets to eat them. Parakeets are generally intelligent birds, and they’ll see you’re eating carrots and want to try them. Try this in the morning hours when your pet is hungry.

You can try changing how you prepare carrots for budgies to see if they’ll start eating them.

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Another way to get the budgies to eat carrots is by adding them to their favorite foods. Try placing the carrot tops facing up to make them less intimidating to your budgies (since they’re greener and softer).

What if your budgie completely ignores carrots? If this happens, you don’t have to be worried as there’s nothing wrong with your budgie. It is just expressing its preferences for food items.

Move on to other safe budgie fresh vegetables that are a healthy alternative to carrots like broccoli, Swiss chard, cucumber, leafy greens, and so on.

Health Benefits for Budgies Eating carrots

Carrots make good fresh food for parakeets. And that’s because they are packed with multiple vitamins and minerals that ensure your pets have a healthy and happy life. In this section, we have discussed the main nutrients offered by carrots and their health benefits.

Health Benefits for Budgies Eating carrots


Carrots provide your parakeet’s body with essential vitamins that ensure continued good health.

One such vitamin abundant in carrots is vitamin A which is essential for boosting your pet bird’s immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. It also promotes good eye health in your budgie and prevents the possibility of eyesight loss.

Carrots also contain vitamins like K, which aids blood clotting, and vitamin B6, which helps convert carbs, proteins, and lipids into energy.

TIP: If you want your budgie to get as much vitamin A from carrots as possible, consider juicing the carrots. The juice retains close to 90% of the beta carotene—the antioxidant your bird’s body converts to Vitamin A.


Calcium is also abundant in carrots and is an essential nutrient for your budgie. It helps in the production of vitamin D, which is necessary for building your pet’s healthy skeletal muscle.

Calcium deficiency in a budgie can result in serious issues such as convulsions, lack of coordination, and muscle pains. Feeding carrots to your budgie will prevent calcium deficiency and related problems.


Yes, carrots also contain fiber, which helps your budgie maintain healthy digestive tract and regular bowel movements.

How many carrots should budgies eat?

DON’T feed your budgies more carrots than it’s enough. Too much of these veggies will end up unbalancing the budgie’s diet as it increases their intake of fresh water, sugars, and minerals. Making carrots a daily diet for budgies will make them develop health issues like diarrhea, obesity, and other illnesses.

How many carrots should budgies eat

Experts recommend that only 20% of your budgies should be made of vegetables (including carrots). Following this professional advice, you can easily gauge how much a carrot treat you should feed your budgies—while taking into account the rest of the varied diet you feed him.

How do you prepare carrots for budgies?

Preparing carrots for budgies is an easy process. But you must take a few precautions to ensure you safely feed this tasty veggie to your beloved budgies.

You should first pick the right carrots for your budgies. Closely examine the carrots you plan to give your pets for mold contamination. This can be a serious health problem for your budgie’s small body and can even lead to death. If your carrot shows the slightest contamination or is going bad, toss it out to avoid harming your budgie.

Next, we recommend buying organic carrots for feeding your budgies. This will ensure reduced pesticides and other harmful chemicals on the carrots, making them even safer for your budgies.

You’ll need to wash the carrots properly to help remove pesticides and harmful chemicals that tend to concentrate right under the skin.

How do you prepare carrots for budgies

Though the carrot skin is safe for budgies, we suggest peeling it off if you’ve carrots that are not organic. This will help minimize the possibility of feeding harmful chemicals to your beloved bird.

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Rather than feed a whole carrot to your budgie, we suggest cutting them into smaller pieces. These are more manageable for your budgie to eat. They also minimize the choking hazard in your pet birds. Some pet owners prefer shredding or grating their carrots for budgies which is also fine.

You can also juice the carrots and feed the juice to your parakeets. If you go with this option, be sure to give the juice to the birds immediately. Avoid store-bought carrot juice since it may contain preservatives, sugars, etc., that are not good for your budgie’s wellbeing.

Can you feed carrots to baby budgies?

Yes, you can feed carrots to baby budgies. But we advise you to prepare them to make them easy for your budgie to eat.

Firstly, you must thoroughly wash your carrots to remove any pesticides and other substances on the carrot skin that may harm the baby budgie’s health.

Can you feed carrots to baby budgies

Next, cut or grate your carrots into super-fine pieces so the young birds can eat them without trouble.

Once you have prepared them correctly, simply place them in the dish so that the mommy budgie can feed them to their young ones.

Video Of a Budgie Eating carrots:

In the video below, you can see some lovely budgies enjoying their treat of carrots. Notice how the carrots have been finely chopped, making it easy for the pets to eat them.

Related questions (FAQ):

1. Can budgie eat raw carrots?

Yes, budgies can eat raw carrots. The pet birds are fond of raw carrots’ crunchy and sweet flavor and will enjoy eating them in this form. Raw carrots also contain all the essential minerals and vitamins your budgie needs for a healthy body.

2. Can budgies eat carrot peel?

Budgies can eat carrot peel since it’s safe and contains helpful nutrients. However, you should wash your carrots’ skin properly before feeding them to the pet birds. This will help remove pesticides and other toxic chemicals that reside under the skin. If you don’t take chances with your budgie’s health, simply peel any carrot that’s not organic before giving it to them.

3. How often should budgies eat carrots?

You can give your feathered friends 1-2 carrots in a week. However, this quantity can go down depending on how often you give your budgie other vegetables and in what quantities. Remember that vegetables, including carrots, should constitute only 20% of a budgie’s healthy diet.

Final word

Carrots are soo safe for budgies that they can eat every part of them, including the stem and the carrot greens. All these parts carry lots of vitamin and minerals to give your budgie happy and healthy life. The carrot itself is flavorful, and it’s quite rare for budgies to dislike like them.

When preparing carrots for budgies, be sure to cut them into smaller pieces to make them easier for the pets to manage. You can also grate, shred, or juice them. But avoid giving carrots in excess to your budgies since they can topple their daily diet and cause serious health issues like diarrhea and excess weight.

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