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Can Budgies Eat Chia Seeds? Here Is The Thing You Want To Know!

Can Budgies Eat Chia Seeds

Most bird owners, especially those who own budgies, wonder if it’s a good idea to feed them chia seeds! Actually, it’s excellent raw bird food, and it’s readily available throughout the world. We’ll cover all the essential information about feeding chia seeds in this article.

So, can budgies eat chia seeds? Absolutely. Chia seeds are a type of flowering plant that is widely used in the production of bird feed. Its nutrient suitability accounts for its popularity. It has all the essential nutrients, including protein and magnesium, that improve the budgies’ overall health condition. Additionally, this will serve as a remedy for your budgies.

In addition to these, you can also learn how many chia seeds your bird should consume per day. We will also discuss some of the risks and advantages of chia seeds.

Can You Feed Chia Seeds to Budgies? 

Absolutely you can. Birds like parrots and budgies frequently eat seeds, and chia seeds are one of them. Additionally, they enjoy eating seeds because they are able to adapt to this type of food with ease.

Chia seeds are a fresh food that is perfect from a nutritional standpoint. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber. Additionally, they contain potassium, which supports the nervous system by enhancing it. Omega 3, on the other hand, improves endurance. Furthermore, chia seeds contain iron, protein, calcium, and vitamins, all of which have great health benefits.

Can You Feed Chia Seeds to Budgies

In addition to that, the availability of chia seeds is quite good. The reason is that you can practically always find this herb because it is quite widespread. Therefore, you can include this in your budgies’ regular diet.

Since budgies like these seeds, you can mix them with other seeds, such as sunflower seeds, canary seeds, hemp seeds, or pumpkin seeds. They also enjoy other varieties of seeds, but these are also widely available and simple to obtain.

Overall, it provides excellent nutrition for birds. It doesn’t just help birds look beautiful; it also gives them more energy. Additionally, it aids in the prevention of illness.

In addition to their advantages, chia seeds also pose some risks. Consuming excessive amounts of chia seeds or seeds that have gone bad can both be harmful. Thus, you must approach this with caution. 

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Do Budgies Like Chia Seeds?

They do, indeed. They particularly enjoy chia seeds, which are also one of the seeds that budgies eat the most frequently. They may find it difficult to consume at the beginning, in which case you must give them some time to adjust. 

Once they’ve gotten used to it, they’ll enjoy it, and you can feed them routinely without any issues.

Budgies Like Chia Seeds

Baby budgies, on the other hand, find it difficult to eat them, so you must properly prepare them. You could serve these seeds with fruit since budgies are big fans of fresh fruit.

Budgerigar owners should store these seeds so they will never run out of food to feed their birds.

Health Benefits of Budgies Eating Chia Seeds

Chia seed consumption carries some risks, but there are far more advantages than disadvantages.

Chia seeds are a great source of calcium. Calcium is one of the most important factors for every bird. It helps to improve birds’ bone health, heart, and nervous system. 

Health Benefits of Budgies Eating Chia Seeds

Birds need vitamins to improve their body function and egg laying process. This seed is a great source of vitamin E and vitamin B9. Overall, these seeds are very useful.

Things You Need to be Careful About Feeding Chia Seeds

There are not many risks, but you should take them seriously. Being overweight is one of the issues. Because seeds are so high in fat, so the birds quickly become overweight. And if this occurs, they will have to deal with flying difficulties.

Another common issue that can result from eating seeds is feather loss. Although it is not common, there are numerous cases that have been recorded with this problem.

How much Chia Seeds should budgies eat?

The consumption of chia seeds, or any other herb, every day is never recommended. You should only feed these plants in very small amounts because of their highly concentrated essential oil content, which may irritate the birds.

According to general guidelines, you should only feed them 10% of their total weight. You should then only feed them 3 to 5% of their seeds. Try to avoid giving them seeds every day. It would be more reasonable and healthy to do this two to three times per week. 

How much Chia Seeds should budgies eat

Nevertheless, by mixing in some other fruits or vegetables, you are allowed to give them some seeds every day.

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How do you prepare Chia Seeds for budgies?

Chia seeds are already very tiny in size. So most of them don’t have any trouble consuming it. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare it in any particular way. These seeds can only be served dry or with water. 

It’s acceptable if you want to serve them with various seeds, vegetables, fruits, or special foods.

How do you prepare Chia Seeds for budgies

Can you feed Chia Seeds to baby budgies? If so, how?

Budgies can consume chia seeds, yes. First of all, young budgies have no trouble eating or consuming it. Second, it’s great for baby budgies because it’s full of protein, which is great for their body development.

This improves their color, feathers, and overall development. Ensure that the serving size is appropriate at all times. 

Video Of a Budgie Eating Chia Seeds

Check out this video to see budgies eating chia seeds.


1. Is chia Seed safe for pet budgies?

Yes, they are. Chia seeds are an excellent food for parakeets. In their daily food intake, you can include a minimum amount of chia seeds. It won’t harm your birds.

2. What Can I Feed Instead of Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds can be replaced by linseeds, also referred to as flax seeds. Its nutritional value is equivalent to that of chia seeds.

Final Word 

The query “can budgies eat chia seeds?” has hopefully been answered for you. Chia seeds are often questioned as to whether they cause any harm. Happily, there are no adverse effects. Your budgies can eat chia seeds, but make sure the portion is adequate and the food is fresh.

You can replace chia seeds with other herbs, fruits, and vegetables if your birds aren’t enjoying them. Ensure that they don’t consume food that is harmful. Given that, budgies typically consume chia seeds without trouble.

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