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Can Budgies Eat Tomatoes? How Good Is It?

Can Budgies Eat Tomatoes

Feeding your budgie with toxic fruits can lead to serious health problems and even outright death! Therefore, you should always pay attention to the foods you give your budgie. Tomatoes are one of the veggies you may consider for your birdies. But are they safe for your budgies?

Can budgies eat tomatoes? Yes, budgies can eat tomatoes without showing any side effects, provided you feed them in small quantities. This is because tomatoes’ high acidity can result in issues with your bird, including an upset tummy. Plus, tomatoes provide your pet bird with great nutrients and high water content to keep them healthy and well hydrated.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about feeding budgies tomatoes, the health benefits of this acidic fruit, how to prepare it for your birds, and other important information.

Can you feed tomatoes to budgies?

Raw tomatoes are a safe and non-poisonous fruit to give to your budgies. However, the high acidity in tomatoes can cause stomach problems in your budgie, hence the need to provide them with this fruit in limited quantities.

Budgies need to have fresh fruits and vegetables incorporated into their diet for a balanced diet. Giving them fresh tomatoes is a great way to achieve this well-balanced diet for your pets.

Another reason to feed tomatoes to your budgies is that they provide them with vital vitamins A, C, and K. These have varied health benefits that positively impact your budgie’s health. They also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that has been linked to the reduction of cancer and heart disease and other multiple health benefits

Can you feed tomatoes to budgies

It is also worth noting that you can give your budgies the green and red tomatoes as they’re all safe for your feathered friends. The green tomato varieties are usually less acidic and even better for your budgies. However, the pets tend to prefer tomatoes that have just started ripening.

Contrary to what you may have heard, you may want to avoid feeding your budgies tomatoes you have cooked with oils and other ingredients. This is because some of these ingredients can harm your budgie, including upsetting their tummy.

Before giving this tasty veggie to your budgies, you want to prepare it properly to ensure it is safe for your budgies. You also want to avoid giving the little pets the leaves and the stem of tomatoes because they’re toxic to them.

Budgies Eat Tomatoes

And most importantly, avoid overfeeding tomatoes to your budgies at all costs because they might turn out to be unhealthy in large quantities. This is due to their high acidity, which can end up causing stomach upsets in your little feathered friend.

Do budgies like tomatoes?

Budgies like tomatoes just as they like any other juicy fruit. Most pet owners are always excited about how their little feathered friends love nibbling endlessly upon a slice of tomato.

Probably one of the reasons why these birdies like tomatoes so much is that they’re easy to digest. Yes, they can easily chew and digest these soft vegetables in seconds compared to some heavy, cumbersome foods.

Because budgies tend to get bored with the type of food they eat from time to time, introducing tomatoes to them as an occasional treat is a good way to keep them happy without unbalancing their diet. It is also a great way to vary their diet and keep them interested in what you feed them.

budgies like tomatoes

However, if you find out that your budgies don’t like the tomatoes or are scared of them, you don’t have to feel disheartened. This happens from time to time as budgies also have their own food preferences regarding what they want to feed or avoid.

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You can just get the tomato out of their cage and introduce it to them the next day or first thing in the morning when they’re hungry. Hand-feeding your budgies can also work if they’re scared of the tomato, as they’ll trust you.

budgies like tomatoes

Health benefits for budgies eating tomatoes

Tomatoes are great for budgies because they’re tasty and contain nutrients that help your little pet’s body stay healthy. Here’s a rundown of the key nutrients present in a tomato and how they benefit your budgie’s body:

Health benefits for budgies eating tomatoes

Vitamin A

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, essential for preventing the overgrowth of your budgie’s beak and nails. Vitamin A deficiency in budgies can cause overgrowth and chipping and flaking of their beak and nails…and sometimes cause them to break!

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Budgie’s body requires vitamin C to promote a healthy immune system, help produce antibodies that fight against external agents, and keep the bird healthy. Since this vitamin is essentially ascorbic acid, it also helps promote enzymatic reactions that keep elastin and collagen in blood vessel walls in good working conditions. The deficiency of this vitamin in budgies can cause mental health problems.

Vitamin K

As you already know, Vitamin K works miracles when it comes to clotting blood. So if your budgie suffers from wounds or cuts, this vitamin will help clot blood around the injured cells and slow the bleeding.


The potassium in tomato works hand in hand with other electrolytes in your little pet’s body to help promote fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.


Tomatoes are a great source of antioxidant lycopene tied to multiple health benefits for your budgie. To start with, it greatly minimizes the risk of heart disease. It also helps fight free radicals that tend to damage cells over time. Moreover, tomato contains antioxidants Zeaxanthin and lutein that also help fight against free radicals and cancer.

How much tomatoes should budgies eat?

Due to high acidity levels in tomatoes, you should only give small amounts of tomato to your budgies. To be specific, give your budgies no more than a quarter of thin slice of tomato and do it once a week. Don’t make tomatoes a regular treat for your budgies.

Though we have seen that tomatoes have great health benefits in the previous section, overfeeding them to your budgie is a bad idea. This is due to their high acidity, which can adversely affect your budgie’s health.

How much tomatoes should budgies eat

The main issues that can arise from overfeeding tomatoes to your budgies include stomach upsets and stomach ulcers. However, low amounts will prevent these issues and keep your budgie healthy.

How do you prepare tomatoes for budgies?

You should also know how to prepare the tomatoes before giving them to budgies. This will ensure you’re feeding them the safest way possible to avoid hurting them.

Start by thoroughly washing the tomato. Pesticides and fungicides might have been sprayed on it when growing to keep off bugs and pests. These harmful chemicals might have remained on the surface and can easily harm your budgie.

If possible, go for organic tomatoes, as they’re a safer bet for your little pets. Even then, you need to clean them to eliminate dust and other undesired substances on their surface.

How do you prepare tomatoes for budgies

Once the tomato is clean, cut it into thin slices and offer them to your bird by placing them in the cage or hand-feeding your budgie. You should only feed a quarter slice to your budgie per feeding session and do it once a week. This will prevent overfeeding and the dangers tied to it.

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After the budgies are done eating, take away any remaining tomatoes. Long-term exposure of this fruit to air can attract bacteria that find their way into your budgie’s body when they resume eating the tomato and harm their health.

TIP: Feeding tomato sauce or dried tomatoes to your budgies is even better since they have less acidic content than fresh vegetables. Most of the acid in tomatoes is removed during their production process, making them even more tolerable for your feathered friends.

Sun-dried tomatoes feature even higher antioxidant content, making them a healthier option for your budgies. But be careful with the tomato sauce as it has high sugar and salt contents which can cause an imbalance in fluids in the budgie’s body.

Can you feed tomatoes to baby budgies?

Absolutely! You can feed tomatoes to baby budgies. However, you need to be highly cautious when doing it and only feed the young ones with fully ripe tomatoes. This is because the health of the baby budgies is even more fragile than their parents.

You also need to give the baby birds tomatoes in small quantities. Just do it once a week and give them no more than a quarter piece.

Can you feed tomatoes to baby budgies

Make sure you give red, fully ripe tomatoes to your baby budgies. And prepare them properly as we have outlined in the previous section. That is,

After the baby budgie is done feeding, you’d want to clean its beak of any tomato pieces stuck on its beak. This is an important practice to help prevent beak deformity.

Video of a budgie eating tomatoes

The video below shows a cute budgie eating a slice of tomato

Related questions (FAQ):

1. Can budgies eat tomato leaves

No, you should not give tomato leaves to your budgies. As you may already know, tomatoes belong to the nightshade family of plants. These plants have all their green parts packed with solanine, a glycoalkaloid poison that can severely affect the health of your little pet. The top signs of solanine poisoning in budgies include breathing difficulties, muscle twitching, and trembling. Avoid giving the leaves or stems of tomatoes to your budgie. But green tomatoes are completely safe for the birds.

2. Can budgies eat tomato seeds

Budgies can eat tomato seeds as they’re safe and contains no toxins that can harm their health. Even better, these seeds are small in size and soft, making them easier for the birds to eat without causing a choking hazard.

Final word

Tomatoes are safe to give to your budgies. They’re tasty and provide your beloved pet with vital vitamins A, C, and K and antioxidant properties. Not to forget, they contain plenty of water to keep your budgies hydrated.

However, you should only feed this veggie to your birds in small quantities due to its high acidity levels, which may cause stomach problems. Give your pet bird a quarter of a thin piece of tomato once a week to keep things healthy.

Be sure to follow the correct procedure for preparing tomatoes for your budgies to avoid harming them.

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