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Can Cockatiels Eat Apples? Do They Offer Any Special Health Benefits?

Can Cockatiels Eat Apples

Cockatiels are overly social birds and loyal to caring pet owners. As an affectionate bird owner, ensuring they feed a balanced diet should be mandatory. Supplementing your cockatiels’ mainstay diet with healthy additions like fresh fruits like apples is highly advisable.  

Can cockatiels eat apples? Absolutely yes. From nervous system protection to fiber supplementation, apples are a healthy snack and an occasional good addition to cockatiels. However, you should clean the apples and remove the seeds because they’re poisonous to cockatiels.  

Besides being nutritious, an apple is also a sweet, fleshy fruit. Cockatiels will not resist the sweetness and can keep feeding on the apples. But, excessive consumption can make your feathered friends sick, as you will find out below.  

Can you Feed Apples to Cockatiels? 

Feeding your little friends with apples is the best thing you can ever do. Apples are packed with nutrients that benefit not just birds but also human beings. When fed to birds in the right proportions, apples promote good health and inhibit stress significantly. 

However, apple seeds are highly toxic, especially to birds. These seeds contain a toxic material called cyanide and could trigger fatalities even when consumed in small doses. It’s right to conclude that apple seeds are poisonous and could lead to immediate death on cockatiels.  

While at it, you should make every effort to get organic apples. Checking up the Price Look Up (PLU) label will help you identify such. Usually, organic apples have a sticker bearing a five-digit code starting with 9.  

Can you Feed Apples to Cockatiels

If the code takes a different pattern, the fruit is grown using pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. It may also be genetically modified, depending on the code. Whatever the case, never feed your birds genetically modified apples.  

Thankfully, cockatiels will enjoy snacking on other delicacies apart from citrus fruits. This is important because you cannot feed them just apples only. They need other fruit varieties to get every nutrient they need for proper development.  

Pellets and fresh foods should form the largest percentage of your bird’s diet. However, an all-seed diet alone will still be inefficient. You must work out a well-balanced diet with fresh herbs, healthy fruits, and clean water bowls. Feeding your cockatiels properly should be well planned to ensure they consume the necessary nutrients.  

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Feeding pieces of apples to cockatiels should be fun and exciting. You can utilize that time to bond. Birds are naturally interactive, and cockatiels are no exception. Keeping them company as you snack on an apple will heighten your relationship significantly. 

Placing cockatiels on your shoulder is the best position that both of you can enjoy. You can then hand-feed them slowly as you cultivate trust and friendship. In the end, it will be a win-win for both parties. 

Do Cockatiels Like Apples? 

Most cockatiels love apples, and that’s why it is an occasional perfect treat for most bird owners. They are not just sweet but also a bit crunchy. This is enough reason for your bird to love the fruit. 

However, not all cockatiels love apples. Some have zero interest no matter the effort you make. If this is the case for you, consider a variety of fruits like cherries and berries. 

Health Benefits of Apples on Cockatiels 

Apples are good for cockatiels in many ways. These fruits are loaded with abundant vitamins that are essential for your bird’s mental health and development.

For instance, apples have plenty of vitamin C, which inhibits stress in cockatiels. Sufficient vitamins C and others will sustain their bodies in perfect shape because it’s also an immunity booster.  

Health Benefits of Apples on Cockatiels 

Calorie and sugar content is not very high in apples compared to other fruits. As such, they do not fill their stomachs so fast. But, this doesn’t mean you should overfeed them. Moderation is key when feeding cockatiels because you’ve to balance their diet to avert health risks.  

Other additional minerals they get from apples include; 

  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

How Much Apples Should Cockatiels Eat?

We cannot conclusively state the number of apples to feed cockatiels without considering their size. An adult cockatiel should feed on a slice of an apple every two to three days. But, confirm that you’re not feeding them inorganic apples as they contain excess sugar that could give them an upset stomach.  

How Much Apples Should Cockatiels Eat

How Do You Prepare Apples for Cockatiels?

Apple preparation is pretty straightforward. You should follow the below steps, and you’re good to go; 

  • Clean your apple thoroughly with warm, salty water
  • Slice it into pieces
  • Remove the seeds
  • Feed your bird 
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The pieces you cut will vary depending on the bird size. Ensure you get the size very right to avoid ugly incidences like choking.  

Can You Feed Apples to Baby Cockatiels?

It’s not advisable to feed baby cockatiels on apples. They are still tender and may not swallow the sweet fruit. You should instead consider the food preferences of cockatiel chicks to ensure you maintain them in the best shape.   

At this tender age, they should feed mainly on baby bird’s formula and a bit of moistened cat or dog feed. Depending on age, boiled eggs and some insects could also come in handy. And, you should only feed them on sterilized utensils.  

Below is a video of an affectionate cockatiel owner feeding apples on a cockatiel. 

The Effect of Feeding a Cockatiel too Much Apple 

Even though you have organic apples, we insist you should limit the apples as excellent snacks. You don’t want to fill their little tummies with apples, leaving no room for other healthy foods.  

Cockatiels Eat Apples


Peruse through the below questions to gain more insight on feeding your cockatiels with apples. 

1. What Should I Do if My Cockatiel’s Stool Becomes Watery After Feeding Apples?

In this case, the best thing to do is to change the apple brand you’re feeding them. You may also need to reduce the quantities as you supplement their diet with more fiber. 

2. What Percentage of Apples Should I Feed My Cockatiel?

Apples should account for a very small percentage of your bird’s diet. Remember we said you’ve to incorporate other types of fruits as well.  


The best way to experience a cockatiel’s affection is by taking good care of it. Proper feeding is your primary role in the life of your pet bird. And feeding apples is one of the best treats for your parakeet.

If you do all the above, even diseases will not come anywhere near your little friend.

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