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Can Cockatiels Kill And Eat Each Other After Attacking?

Can Cockatiels Kill And Eat Each Other

Cockatiels are friendly and social birds with beautiful chirping voices. The unique personality and affectionate nature of the birds make them the perfect pets. And due to this friendly persona, many experts recommended keeping two cockatiels together for company. However, when the cockatiels become aggressive toward one another, they often engage in a fight. 

But can cockatiels kill and eat each other after attacking? Two cockatiels engaging in a fight is relatively normal. But sometimes, these casual fights between cockatiels take an aggressive turn. In rare instances, cockatiels have the ability to kill their mate with their pecks. 

In this guide, we will discuss the aggressive nature of cockatiels and how you can help to prevent the attacks. Here, we will also talk about the reasons why cockatiels attack each other. So, keep on reading until the end!

Can Cockatiels Kill And Eat Each Other After Attacking? 

As we discussed earlier, fights between cockatiels are quite normal, and the birds usually stop fighting after a few minutes. Under certain circumstances, the cockatiels can attack and kill each other. However, in a few instances, the cockatiels become highly aggressive toward their mates and kill them with their pecks. 

When it comes to eating each other, cockatiels do not eat their mates after killing. However, cockatiels often kill and eat their chicks due to various reasons. One of the top reasons behind the cockatiels eating their chicks is territorial threats. 

Can Cockatiels Kill And Eat Each Other After Attacking

Cockatiels are naturally territorial when breeding. But the threat increases when there is more than one pair in the cage. This feeling of territorial danger often causes the cockatiels to kill and eat their chicks. So, make sure that there is only one pair of cockatiels in the cage when breeding. 

Reasons Why Cockatiels Attack Each Other 

There are various reasons why cockatiels show aggression and attack their mates, engaging in a fight. While these fights are usually normal, they can easily become life-threatening.

Reasons Why Cockatiels Attack Each Other 

Take a look at some of the reasons behind cockatiels attacking and killing each other!

  • Incorrect cage size often causes the birds to live in a cramped space which leads them to attack other birds. 
  • Stress and anxiety in cockatiels are common as well. However, this is a strong reason why the birds attack each other. 
  • Cockatiels are relatively territorial about their feeder. And a single feeder for two birds can sometimes create competition and start an aggressive fight. 
  • Overcrowding is a major reason behind these attacks. The birds become aggressive towards each other and attack to assert their dominance. 
  • If the cockatiels feel threatened over their territory, then they will attack their mates. This is a way of establishing territory among the other birds. 
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How To Prevent Cockatiels From Attacking Each Other? 

To prevent fights and attacks between cockatiels, the owners must ensure a few things and take action when required. Check out the ways how to prevent the cockatiels from attacking each other. 

How To Prevent Cockatiels From Attacking Each Other

1. Ensure Enough Space 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons behind the attacks is the inadequate amount of space. Cockatiels require a large space to move freely. Make sure that there is enough space in the cage for both cockatiels to move actively and be playful. 

2. Introduce The Birds Slowly 

Introducing the cockatiels slowly to each other is important. If you put a cockatiel in a cage with another bird suddenly, then it can feel threatened and move forward to attack with aggression. Keep the birds in different cages for a while and get them used to each other. Make sure to place the cages close together. 

3. Put Toys and Accessories In The Cage 

Adding toys and other accessories in the cage, such as swings, tiny boxes, and so on, can help to reduce the attacks. These accessories are an enrichment for pet birds that allow them to enjoy their own space and help to reduce stress levels as well. Not only that, but the toys keep the cockatiels engaged and prevent threats to their territory. 

How To Prevent Cockatiels From Attacking Each Other

4. Separate The Cockatiels 

If you notice that the attacks are becoming more frequent and aggressive over time, try keeping the cockatiels separate. Take one of the cockatiels and move it to a different cage. This will not only keep the cockatiel safe from attacks but will also allow the other cockatiel to calm down. Reintroduce the cockatiels slowly before putting them back in one cage. 

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5. Contact A Vet

In case none of the above suggestions works in reducing the attacks of the cockatiels, contact a vet. The vet will inspect the cockatiels and help to identify the cause of the attacks. Not only that, but they will provide you with helpful advice to avoid situations like this in the future. 


We’re not done just yet! In this section, let’s look at some of the most common queries people have when keeping two or more cockatiels together.

1. Is It Essential To Keep Cockatiels In Pairs?

Keeping cockatiels in pairs is not at all necessary. However, cockatiels are social and playful birds that require a lot of time, attention, and interaction. If you are unable to spend time with your cockatiel properly, consider getting a pair to avoid loneliness. 

2. How To Introduce A Male And Female Cockatiel? 

Put the male and female in two cages and place them side by side. Wait for the cockatiels to communicate through the cages before opening the cages for the bird to interact. Once the birds have interacted properly with each other without showing any signs of aggression, place the birds together. 

3. Why Is The Cockatiel Aggressive All Of A Sudden?

If your cockatiel is showing sudden signs of aggression, then there are quite a few possible reasons behind it. Sickness can be a top reason, along with overcrowding or a small cage. Not only that but anxiety or changes in the surrounding can also lead to aggressive behavior. 

Bottom Line 

The friendly nature and playful personality of cockatiels are what make them proper pets. But can cockatiels kill and eat each other after attacking? Aggression and fights are common between the birds, but they can often turn serious and cause deaths. However, they don’t generally eat each other even if one dies from the attack.

Make sure to take action and separate the birds as soon as you notice any attack. Moreover, make sure that you keep an eye on the behavior of the cockatiels to prevent them from fighting.


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