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Do Owls Eat Weasels? Unraveling the Fact

Do Owls Eat Weasels

Owls are fierce predators, and you probably have seen them primarily feeding on birds, frogs, rodents, and small animals like squirrels. So, in the case of weasels, I don’t think there will be any difference.

So, do owls eat weasels in the first place, though? The answer is yes. Owls are known to eat weasels as part of their diet. Unlike a lot of targets in the owl’s menu, weasels stay active during the night. So, this pretty much makes sense that they’ll be one of the prime targets of owls.

We’re discussing how an owl hunts down weasels and sheds much more light on its hunting skill. Let’s get to it.

Do Owls Eat Weasels? Not All Of Them!

Do Owls Eat Weasels

Yes, they do, but not all of them. Owls in the wild usually prefer to hunt weasels. To make it clear, I have a table of the owls who eat weasels and who do not.

Types Of OwlEat or Not
Barn OwlNo
Snowy OwlOccasionally
Burrowing OwlNo
Great Horned OwlOccasionally
Long-eared OwlOccasionally

So, it’s pretty clear that they are not active in looking for weasels, but when getting opportunities, they don’t miss out. They hunt weasels anyway, except for the small owls.

How Can An Owl Hunt a Weasel

Owls can even hunt down the large-sized badgers. So, even the small weasels don’t even stand a chance against owls. Here’s how owls hunt down a weasel. 

How Can An Owl Hunt a Weasel

Hunting Perch

Owls often start their hunting process by perching in a high, concealed location. From this vantage point, they have a good view of the surrounding area and can listen to weasels.

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Spotting Prey

Using their exceptional night vision, owls scan the ground below for any signs of movement. Their large eyes can pick up even subtle movements in the dark. 

Stalking and Approaching

Once the owl has spotted or heard the weasel, it starts to glide or fly toward its prey silently.


When the owl gets close enough and has a clear shot at the weasel, it goes into a rapid dive. While getting closer, it extends its talons to grab the prey. Thanks to their strong talons with sharp curved claws, they can easily catch the weasel.


If the owl’s talons make contact with the weasel, it can secure a firm grip. Owls have powerful leg muscles to ensure a strong hold on their prey.

Quick Dispatch

To incapacitate the weasel swiftly, the owl may deliver a fatal bite to its neck or head using its sharp beak. This bite can quickly kill or immobilize the prey.


Once the weasel is dead, the owl may carry it back to its perch or a more secure location to consume it. Owls typically swallow their prey whole, regurgitating indigestible parts like bones and fur in the form of pellets later.

Does Eating Weasels Provide Any Health Benefits To Owls?

Owls don’t get any notable nutrition when they consume weasels after hunting. But to have an energy boost, protein intake, and especially to survive, they eat weasels. Basically, it’s their natural feeding behavior and ecological role as a predator in the wild.

Does Eating Weasels Provide Any Health Benefits To Owls

How Does Hunting Weasels By Owl Play For Ecological System?

Like other predators in nature, owls control prey populations by eating them. Let me tell you how they do that.

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Owls like Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl are commonly known to eat small mammals such as weasels. They control the numbers from overpopulating and keep the ecosystem balanced.

How Does Hunting Weasels By Owl Play For Ecological System

On the other hand, the cascading effect is there where plenty of weasels may impact prey species such as rodents. The problem is affecting wildlife and vegetation.

Besides, the predator-prey relation and less agricultural damage are noticeable when owls interact with weasels.

But Do Weasels Eat Owls? Not A Threat!

No, I don’t think weasels will take the courage to hunt owls with powerful talons and beaks. They basically look for smaller prey like birds, rodents, or rabbits. But if they see owlets or injured owls, they just jump over on it. But it’s a rare case!

Do Weasels Eat Owls

Wrapping Up!

So, do owls eat weasels? They certainly do, and now you know how. Most of them are amazing hunters, and they don’t only get weasels; owls eat a lot of other things. The large ones even attack humans and pick up big animals like dogs as well.

However, you understand owls’ vulnerability and way of hunting. As a predator and bird in nature, owls won’t mind having some free meal like weasels. It’s basically a part of their diet to have some nutrition.


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