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Find Out If Your Budgie Likes You: 3 Ways

Find Out If Your Budgie Likes You

The budgie is popular among other pet birds. People are easily attracted to this bird because of its attractive appearance. And expectedly, pet owners love their pet birds. But how to tell if your budgie likes you or not?

If the pet budgie loves you, it will cuddle you with its head. Also, the bird would love to spend more time with you. It will respond to your call, and sometimes they seem to sing with you. They will flap their wings and tail when they see you. If your bird gives you a painless bite, that is also a way to show you love.

There are some other ways to understand their likeness, given below. Read on to learn the tricks to make a strong bonding with your pet budgie.

How to Tell If Your Budgie Likes You?

Budgies are commonly seen in pet breeding by many people. People love their pet budgies singing around them. How to tell if your budgie likes you or not can be determined by their behavior.

How to Tell If Your Budgie Likes You

All the budgie species and breeds follow the same pattern to show you their love and affection. If you notice doing the following things in your budgie, it likes you.

Way 1: By Observing Their Body Movement

You will often find your budgie showing some physical movement and behavior around you. It includes flapping of the wings, frequent moving of tail feathers, and showing some postures.

By Observing Their Body Movement

Movement Of Wings

The flapping of wings is not only seen while flying. They even flap their wings while they feel happy or safe. It is a common behavior in almost all other domesticated birds. 

To understand budgie behavior, you need to observe your pet. If it flaps its wings when you are around or seeing you, that means the bird likes you and feels safe.

Movement Of Tail

Animals like dogs and cats seem to wag their tail around their owners. But there are different meanings for the tail movement of a bird. While you observe your budgie’s body language, you will see that they also wag their tail. 

If their favorite person is playing with them or gives treats, they wag their feather tail. This is also a way to express their happiness.

Body Posture

Budgies only show some postures if the bonding with their owner is very good.

  • They bow down their head in front of their owner to get some cuddles.
  • They never lay down, showing their belly. If they trust and like you, they will do it in front of you.
  • If your bird likes you, it will sleep or lie down in a comfortable and non-rigid manner around you.

All these behaviors are related to bird psychology. They don’t do these intentionally. These are only manifestations of their inner self. Also, they will not perform any of these if they are not feeling safe and happy with you. 

Way 2: By Seeing Some Habits

Like other birds, budgies also love to cuddle and give painless bites to their owners. They also show some tricks only when their trusted person is around them. These are the signs of budgie affection.

Budgie perched on owner's shoulder

It Will Cuddle You

It is the surest sign that your budgie likes you. Your pet bird will cuddle you with its head and climb on your hand and shoulder. It will love to stay around you when it is out of the cage. They do these habituations with their favorite people.

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Will Hang Upside Down When You Are Around

Budgies are often seen in an upside-down position when their owner is nearby. Even if you are not teaching tricks, they will do this.

Will Give You Painless Bites

Budgies give painful bites when they are disturbed or irritated by something. But sometimes, it also gives painless bites. You should notice the force of the bite while handling your budgie. 

If it gives you a painless bite, it is pleased with you. While playing with your finger, it can bite into the finger. Or it can bite your ear while it is sitting on the shoulder. These bites are gentle and not meant to irritate you.

Way 3: By Observing Their Vocal Reactions

Budgies are seen singing, chirping, or whistling many times around their owners. They also communicate with each other in this way and maintain bird socialization. So, differentiation between communicating and likeness is not an easy task.

Hand-feeding a budgie to create a bond with the owner

There are some ways to know that the bird likes you through its vocalization. You can easily check the following behaviors.

Reply To Your Call

In the beginning, the pet bird will not respond while you are calling its name or talking to them. But after some time, when it starts recognizing you, it will respond to every call. It will answer by whistling or chirping when you call its name.

Your little pet will also respond while you are talking with it. Even while some budgies listen to their owners singing, they respond by singing with them. If your pet also does so, it is a clear sign that it likes you a lot.

Will Sing Or Whistle Around You

Budgies not only show their affection by grooming around their owners but also seem to sing around them. Your pet bird will sing and whistle around you at its will.

These all are the possible signs your pet budgie will give if it likes you.

How To Encourage The Budgies To Like You?

To increase bonding with a budgie, the owners need to follow some tricks. Proper care and playing with the pet can make the budgie feel safe. Doing such things that disturb your pet can create distance between you two.

How To Encourage The Budgies To Like You

You should follow some bird training methods. Also, you have to know bird psychology to understand them. You should stop doing the things that disturb your pet.

Give Their Regular Needs in Timely

Pet care is not an easy task. You have to understand their needs. You have to feed them timely. Do not forget to give water. Forgetting to give food or water can make your budgie angry.

Another important thing is bird communication. You should never keep your budgie alone. Give them a partner or your company. That will give it refreshment and keep monotony away.

Encourage The Budgies To Like You

Regular needs include veterinary care for pet birds. With disease and disorders, your budgie will remain unhappy. Regular checkups can keep them away from diseases. If the bird is not physically sound, it will not cooperate with you.

Treat Them to Their Special Foods

You should sometimes treat them to their favorite food. Giving their favorite food will boost their positive reinforcement. It will also improve your bond with your pet.

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Give Them New Toys and Accessories

You can surprise your budgie with new bird accessories. These things also give it a pleasure. You can not always be with your little pet. At that time, the instrument provided to them will remove their boredom.

Budgie playing with toys

Bird toys and accessories should be harmless and blunt. These things should not be life-threatening to them. You can give them chewing toys, swing toys, pinwheels, and wooden foraging feeder toys. These toys are available in the bird shop, or you can make homemade toys as well.

Give Them Protection From Danger and Make Them Feel Safe

Other pets or wild animals like dogs and cats can attack your budgie. You have to keep them in a place where these animals can not reach them. You have to give it a safe environment. 

It is a primary step to building a bond with your budgie. Give it a place where the rain and heat of the sun can not reach.

Spend More Time With Them

Spending more time with pets strengthens the bond. You should give a fixed time daily to your pet. At that time, you can play with your bird, sing with it, or train it through bird training methods.

You can teach your budgie new things like talking or showing new tricks. The more different activists you do, the more it will start to like you.

All the above things you can learn in a bird training course online, from a training institution, or from a trained person. The main thing is you have to make your pet safe and happy to build a good relationship. If your bird screams or feels uncomfortable with you, let it give it space. Also, practice these things and avoid behavior that irritates your pet.


These are some commonly asked questions by people about budgies. Have a look.

How to make a budgie happy?

You can make a budgie happy by giving it new toys and something to chew. You can get the budgie out of the cage for some time, give him time and attention, give his favorite foods as a treat, etc. 

How do you tell if a budgie gets irritated by you?

If you start spending too much time with your budgie and if it gives you painful bites, then that means it gets irritated or disturbed by you. It will be more aggressive and lay in a rigid condition when you are around.

How do you get a scared budgie to like you?

You can get a scared budgie to like you by giving it a special treat. Give their favorite food by hand to its cage. Practice this at least three times a day. It will start liking you after a few attempts.


Budgies express their love and affection to their favorite person in some ways. They flap their wings and wag their tail feathers when they are happy. So, if they do so when they are around you, that means they like you. 

Also, they will bow their heads in front of you. The budgies love to sing around and cuddle whomever they like.

If you want your pet to like you, then fulfill all their requirements timely. Give them treats and playing accessories. Make it feel safe around you and from other animals. Spend some time with your pet regularly for better understanding.


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