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Why Does My Budgie Puff Up And Is Sleepy? – What You Need To Know!

Why Does My Budgie Puff Up And Is Sleepy

If you are a budgie owner, you will notice your bird using different body language cues to convey its emotions. So, knowing what the various cues mean is essential.

For instance, why does my budgie puff up and is sleepy? When a budgie fluffs up its feathers and is sleepy, it could be because the bird is tired and weary. Sometimes, your budgie may show this behavior when it is already time for bed or just wants to stay warm. In addition, your pet bird may puff up and appear sleepy because of health issues.

But that’s not all! So, keep reading, and you will also discover what you can do when your parakeet puffs up and is sleepy.

Why Does My Budgie Puff Up And Is Sleepy?

Your budgie, also known as a budgerigar, might look adorable when it fluffs up its feathers. But what happens when these bird species puff up and are sleepy? You will definitely want to know the common reasons, right? Let’s find out below.

Why Does My Budgie Puff Up And Is Sleepy

1. Time for the bird to sleep

When your budgie is ready to sleep for the night or take a nap, you will notice it fluffing up its feathers while looking sleepy. All parakeets do this to ensure they stay comfortable.

2. Calm and contented

A budgie may also puff up its feathers when feeling calm and content about everything. Besides the fluffing of the feathers, your bird may close its eyes to relax when calm, making you think it is sleepy.

3. To keep budgie warm

The ideal body temperature range for budgies is between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when the temperatures drop too low, a parakeet will puff up its feathers to stay warm. During this time, your budgie may not be active to conserve energy and will look sleepy.

To keep budgie warm

4. Fatigued and sleepy

Budgies are very playful pet birds. So, when they have been playing and flying around all day, you can expect them to be tired and sleepy. And when sleeping, it is not unusual for these bird species to puff up.

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5. Signs of an illness

If your budgie stays puffed up and is sleepy throughout the day, it could signify an illness or infectious disease. However, the best way to determine if your bird is sick is to look out for other signs and symptoms like:

Signs of an illness
  • Change in posture and inability to perch
  • Tail bobbing and exaggerated breathing
  • Eyes half-closed
  • Reduced food or water consumption
  • Sudden behavior change and weight loss

What To Do When My Budgie Is Puffed Up and Sleepy?

If your pet budgie is healthy, puffing up its feathers but sleepy, you don’t have to do anything. This is true, especially during the winter days or when your pet bird is just preparing for bed.

However, if the temperatures are low, you should consider using a cage heater to keep your bird warm. Meanwhile, if you suspect your parakeet is puffed up and sleepy because it suffers from various disease conditions, you should contact an avian vet. But as you wait for the vet, some things you can do include:

When My Budgie Is Puffed Up and Sleepy
  • Keeping your bird hydrated
  • Separate the sick budgie from other birds
  • Ensure your budgie gets proper rest
  • Hand-feed your bird easy-to-digest foods

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Budgie Puffed Up But Not Sleepy?

Sometimes, your pet budgie may fluff up its chest feathers but not appear sleepy. This is quite normal among parrot species. But why do parakeets do this?

Well, when excited and happy, your feathered friend may puff up. Sometimes, your social bird will fluff its head feathers while mimicking sounds, singing a song, or talking. Your parakeet will also puff up when:

  • Ready to have a relaxing bath
  • Feeling scared or anxious
  • Temperatures are very low
  • The birds want to appear intimidating to predators

Check out this video of a budgie puffing its feathers, but it’s not sleepy:

Why Is My Budgie Always Puffing Up When I Pet Him?

This is normal behavior and happens when your parakeet is happy. Most budgies like being petted at the back of their head, neck, and around the ears. As a result, you will see them puff up their tail feathers as a sign of happiness.

Budgie Always Puffing Up

On the other hand, if your healthy budgie is still new, it might get scared if you try petting it. Consequently, it is likely to fluff up as a sign of aggression or fear.

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Why Did My Pet Budgie Fluff Up Its Feathers And Die?

The simple answer is that your budgie might have been sick because Australian parakeets are very good at hiding the symptoms when ailing. Therefore, your sick bird could be ill for a couple of weeks without you even realizing it. This explains the reason these beautiful birds die overnight.

Budgie Fluff Up Its Feathers And Die

So, when you see your feathered friend with puffed-up feathers, you should check for other subtle signs of illness like:

  • Being lethargic
  • Shallow breathing or panting
  • Little to no activity
  • Ruffled feathers
  • Change in your bird’s dropping

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In this section, we will respond to frequently asked questions regarding budgies puffing up and being sleepy.

1. What Does It Mean When My Budgie Is Puffed Up?

When your young or adult parakeet has puffy feathers, it looks fuller or bigger. This helps your bird stay warm during winter. More so, it makes it easier to intimidate predators with full-looking feathers.

2. Is It Normal For My Budgie To Puff Up And Shake?

Yes. Your budgie could be trying to regulate its body heat to stay cool and comfortable. This happens when the temperatures are incredibly high to help protect your bird from heat stroke.


In most cases, your budgie puffing up when sleepy is not uncommon. However, sometimes your bird may show this behavior as a sign of illness. So, knowing what to do is important because your pet bird could die if not treated on time.


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