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Can Budgies Eat Pears? Is It Nutritious?

Can Budgies Eat Pears

Wild budgerigars mostly depend on seeds, but their palate can change if you keep one captive and try to feed different fruits. Budgies love to eat many fruits, including mango, apple, banana, peach, cherries, kiwi fruit, and many more.

But can budgies eat pears? Yes, budgies can eat pears and it is one of their favorite fruits. Your budgies can eat pears as a part of their daily diet to have essential nutrients. Though there is no side effect in feeding pears to budgies, they can intake excess sugar if you feed pears often.

This guide will elaborate on including pears in budgies’ diet. Check it out.

Can You Feed Pears to Budgies?

Most wild budgies live on fruit seeds and grass. If you have a pet budgerigar, the bird will probably take some time to be accustomed to a new diet. But if you are consistent and patient with the bird, it might soon change its diet and start loving those fruity snacks.

Once familiar, budgies will love the sweet taste and crisp texture of pears. As long as your budgies aren’t accustomed to eating this juicy fruit, you can mix this up with other types of fruit your budgies like. 

You can either dice the fruit up to make it easier for the bird to bite or let it take its own bites. Both ways, budgies tend to enjoy pears every time you give them. As pears have no side effects on budgies, your bird can eat as much as it wants. 

Can You Feed Pears to Budgies

But we suggest not to make the bird dependent on one fruit only. It will limit the intake of essential nutrients for the balanced growth of your bird. Instead, you need to use pears as a snack or treat for the bird so that it has some variation in its diet.

Once budgies start liking pears, they might crave them too much. But you need to be careful not to overdo this diet in captivity. Eating too many pears can increase the amount of sugar intake for your budgies, which can be harmful in the long term.

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Besides behavioral changes, your birds will lack the nutrients necessary for their well-being. So, can you feed pears to budgies? The answer is, yes, you can. But be mindful of how much pears you are feeding to your birds within a certain period. 

Now you can feed pears to budgies, but do they actually like this? Or, are you forcing the bird to eat something it doesn’t like? Let’s find out next.

Do Budgies Like Pears?

Budgies like to eat a lot of fruits and grass seeds. Sweet fruits are their favorites, and pears are one of them. Many budgies tend to love pears so much and they will eat this fruit very often.

Budgies Like Pears

Whether diced or whole, pet parakeets love to bite on this crunchy fruit and take it as a healthy treat oftentimes. So, it can clearly be seen that budgies like pears a lot.

Health Benefits for Budgies Eating Pears

There are almost no side effects of eating pears for budgies. Pears can be a very good source of nutrition for your birds. Take a quick look at its nutritional values.

Budgies Eating Pears
  • Pears are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K to improve the overall mental condition of your bird. Captive birds tend to suffer from depression if their diet isn’t right. These vitamins prevent the situation.
  • It is also a good source of copper and potassium, which are necessary to ensure good metabolism in your bird. These minerals also help improve the bone condition of budgies.

But you should be careful so that your bird doesn’t eat the pits or seeds of the fruit. 

How Much Pears Should Budgies Eat?

Though there is no limitation to feeding pears to your budgies, you should moderate the amount for the well-being of the bird. As pellets would be the most important diet for your birds, fruits can only be fed as snacks or occasional treats.

How Much Pears Should Budgies Eat

Pears and other fruits should be a maximum of 10-15% of your bird’s balanced diet. Feeding more fruits than this will result in excess feather plucking or other problems.

How Do You Prepare Pears for Budgies?

If you are feeding pears to your pet birds for the first time, they may be very stubborn to refuse it. But you can follow these steps to make the bird eat pears.

  • Thoroughly wash the pears as they can contain pesticides due to their thin skin. 
  • Though budgies can eat pear skin, you can peel the skin to make it more gentle on their stomach.
  • Cut the fresh fruit into small dice so that budgies can easily eat one piece at every bite. You can also blend the fruit and let your bird drink the juice. 
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Can You Feed Pears to Baby Budgies? If So, How?

Feeding fruits to baby budgies is crucial because it will help them grow healthier. But they might not be able to eat like adult budgies. So, you need to crush pears to make them softer for the baby.

Feed Pears to Baby Budgies

You can also blend pears to make a juice and feed it to baby budgies. Whatever you do, don’t forget to remove pits or seeds.

Video of a Budgie Eating Pears

Check this video of budgies eating pears


Check the answers to a few commonly asked questions about budgies eating pears.

1. Are pears toxic foods to budgies?

No, pears aren’t toxic to budgies, and they can eat this fruit very often. But the seeds of pears can be toxic if they eat too much.

2. What food kills budgies?

Caffeine and chocolate can be too dangerous for your little budgies. Avocado is also not on the whitelist for this bird. They should also avoid excessive salt or fat.

3. Can budgies eat grains?

Yes, grains are highly suitable for budgies. Wile budgies mostly live on various grains.

Final Words

As budgies are very delicate, pet owners should be extra careful while changing their diets. Now that you know whether can budgies eat pears, including the fruit in their diet will benefit them a lot.

But you should also moderate the number of pears they eat every day to keep them in good shape. 

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