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Can Budgies Eat Spinach? Find Out The Facts To Consider

Can Budgies Eat Spinach

One of the most common and well-liked pets all around the world is the budgies. This little bird is friendly and adorable, and it doesn’t cost too much. Though they are quite adaptable, budgies still need consistent care, attention, and food. For this, the owner needs to be aware of the things which are beneficial and harmful to their budgie.

Can budgies eat spinach? Yes, budgies can eat Spinach. Since it contains a good amount of iron and other nutrients, it is excellent for the budgies to consume leafy vegetables like spinach. On the other hand, giving them an excessive amount of spinach could be harmful. It is not suitable to feed as a substitute for a complete meal but rather as an appetizer or an occasional treat.

There are a few important facts to consider when feeding your bird spinach as well. So, let’s find out how suitable spinach is as well as the potential health benefits of spinach for your budgies.

Can you feed spinach to budgies?

Yes, you can feed spinach to your budgies. The budgie’s diet should include vegetables like romaine lettuce, carrots, or kale. Spinach would be a very wholesome leafy green vegetable for them. Again, you can get it from any local grocery store.  

You can feed spinach to your budgie without worrying about it causing any health problems; but, just to be cautious, you should start giving your budgie spinach in such little amounts at first.

Moreover, due to the high iron of spinach, you should avoid giving your budgie too much of it on a daily basis. Simply feeding your budgie once a week will be suitable for a balanced diet.

Can you feed spinach to budgies

Additionally, spinach is also an excellent source of beneficial fiber that can prevent the onset of diabetes. Budgies will enjoy spinach as a nutritious tasty treat or as a section of the main course of their diet. Both pet and wild budgies have been found eating various seeds, including spinach seeds.

Spinach is an excellent source of nutrients for your pet, but you should be aware that you cannot provide budgies with spinach in the form of a whole meal.

Although seeds and grains make up more than half of a budgie’s food, the addition of nutrient-dense leafy green and fresh vegetables like spinach to their diet can improve their overall health.

Spinach is completely risk-free and healthy for your budgies, but it’s not like all types of spinach are good for them to eat. While buying spinach, you should only select bunches that have dark green leaves.

If the leaves are lightweight, they may have less vitamin content. Also take a look to ensure that, there are no wilted or yellow leaves and you get fresh as well as crisp leaves.

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Do budgies like spinach?

It is not only highly nutritious food and contains antioxidants that will improve your budgie’s immunity, but spinach is also favorite to your budgies.

budgies like spinach

Health benefits for budgies eating spinach

So far, we have mentioned some of the essential vitamins that spinach can provide to your budgies

However, if you are curious how exactly particular nutrients can boost the health of your bird, you should probably pay heed to the next sections. 

Health benefits for budgies eating spinach

We’ve created separate sections for each element to make your browsing easy and fast. Let’s check this out.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that is considered to be greatly beneficial for birds. Lack of vitamin A in budgies can cause aggressive behavior, a breakdown of the respiratory system, reduced feathers, weak vision, and fatigue.

The amount of vitamin A in spinach is sufficient to meet your budgies’ needs. This results in upgrading bone health, better and also more radiant feathers, stronger eyesight, as well as improved hearing.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy budgie diet. It promotes your budgie’s growth, and cell reproduction, including the protection of budgie’s epithelial cells.

Spinach is rich in vitamin C. So, giving it to your budgie will ensure the growth as well as the health of your budgie.

Vitamin E

A healthy diet is necessary for pet budgies. Vitamin E is one of the major factors. It can reduce diseases including feather plucking & cell damage.

budgies eating spinach

Spinach contains a sufficient amount of vitamin E. It will support in maintaining a strong immune system of your budgie.

Vitamin K

Not only vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting, but it also has a significant impact on the health of budgie’s bones and dental development.

Spinach is high in vitamin K. So, so it will help to prevent bone softening of your budgie.


Calcium is fundamental for healthy and strong bones and teeth for budgies. For female Budgies to safely nest as well as lay eggs, they require significant levels of calcium in their diet. Calcium also assists in the formation of eggshells in budgies.

Spinach is also a great source of calcium for your baby budgies. Cooked spinach provides additional calcium.

How much spinach should budgies eat?

When it comes to feeding spinach to the budgies, owners should be careful not to overfeed them. If the amount goes wrong, it can be harmful instead of beneficial.

Moreover, when feeding raw spinach leaves to budgies, they need to be fresh & thoroughly washed to ensure that there are no germs present.

How much spinach should budgies eat

While preparing the spinach for budgies, the food should be very light, without an excessive amount of oil, and also shouldn’t have any spices added to it at all.

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Here is how you have to prepare spinach for your budgie

Both the leaves and stems of spinach are suitable for your budgie. However, you must make sure that your budgie never experiences a choking risk. This is how you can feed spinach to your pet:

prepare spinach for your budgie
  • First, make sure the spinach is chemical-free, pure vegetables. A better choice is to stay away from GMO crops too.
  • Then, rinse out the leaves and also stems with clean water to remove any remaining toxins as well as chemicals.
  • Now, to make eating spinach relatively easy for your budgie, you can chop the leaves and also the stems.
  • In addition, the consuming amount should be limited to no more than a teaspoon of spinach leaves 1/2 times per week for your budgie.

Can you feed spinach to baby budgies? If so, how?

Yes, spinach is an excellent food choice for baby budgie since it has a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin K levels, both of which are essential for the proper development of your pet over their lifetime. However, due to the poor digestion system of baby budgies, ensure that the spinach is chemical-free and fresh. Otherwise, it could cause death to them.

Check out the video for more details:


1. Can Budgies Eat Frozen Spinach?

Frozen spinach is not suitable for budgies, thus pet owners should avoid feeding it to their pets. It is unhealthy for them to consume and can lead to digestive issues for them.

2. Can Budgies Eat Red Spinach?

The answer is yes, budgies can consume red spinach. You can feed spinach in two different forms: grated or in its raw leaf form. It is an excellent source of a variety of vitamins and nutrients.


Many people believe that spinach is bad for budgies, while others don’t agree with that opinion. Besides this, before giving your budgie spinach to eat, be careful about the amount of it they are allowed to consume.

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