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Can Cockatiels Eat Cucumbers? What You Should Know!

Can Cockatiels Eat Cucumbers

A cockatiel’s diet consists mainly of seeds and pellets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other treats are only added to create a balanced diet. 

Can cockatiels eat cucumber? Yes, cockatiels can eat cucumber. The skin, flesh, and seeds of a cucumber are all safe for cockatiels. Cucumbers have a mild taste and are a bit crunchy, so they are a great treat for cockatiels. The high water content of cucumbers also helps keep the birds hydrated.

Before you feed your cockatiel some tasty cucumber treat, you need to know how to prepare the snack, how often your bird should eat it and the potential risks involved. 

Can You Feed Cucumbers To Cockatiels?

Yes, you can feed cucumbers to cockatiels. Cucumbers have vitamins, fiber, minerals, water, and some carbohydrates, making them a great food for cockatiels. 

The fiber in a cucumber facilitates the digestion and passage of food through the alimentary canal. Cucumbers also have small amounts of sugar that provide energy to the bird. 

Can You Feed Cucumbers To Cockatiels

Since cucumbers have a water content of about 95%, they are a good way to supplement your cockatiel’s water intake and give it a balanced diet.  

Cucumbers also have many minerals with various benefits to a cockatiel, as shown below. 

Nutrient Benefit
PotassiumPotassium helps to maintain electrolyte and water balance. It also facilitates the contraction of heart muscles, promoting the cardiac health of your cockatiel. 
CopperCopper aids in the uptake of iron, strengthening your bird’s bones and skeleton while also improving immunity. 
ManganeseManganese helps in reproduction, growth, blood clotting, and promotes metabolism.
Vitamin CVitamin C boosts the cockatiel’s immune responses and helps handle stress. 
Vitamin KVitamin K contained in cucumbers helps blood clotting and healing wounds. It also helps form strong bones. 
MagnesiumMagnesium helps regulate blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and facilitates metabolism. It also promotes calcium absorption and aids the growth of strong feathers. 
Vitamin B1Vitamin B1 is involved in nervous system function and helps speed up metabolism. 
Cockatiels Eat Cucumbers

Cucumbers have many nutritional benefits, but you should remember that a cockatiel’s diet should comprise at least 75% seeds and pellets. Cucumbers fall in the supplementary 25% along with nuts, fresh fruits, leafy greens, and other treats. 

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The vegetable should be part of a varied diet because the amount of minerals it provides is not very high. Hence, your pet bird may experience mineral deficiencies if you feed it exclusively with cucumbers.

Do Cockatiels Like Cucumbers?

Yes, cockatiels love cucumbers. Cucumbers have a soft crunchiness and a mild taste. They also have many seeds spread throughout the fleshy part. Cockatiels love cucumber seeds and find the subtle taste of the vegetable enjoyable.

Cockatiels Like Cucumbers

Health Risks For Cockatiels Eating Cucumbers

Though there are numerous health benefits of cucumbers to cockatiels, there are a few risks, too;


If a cockatiel eats too much cucumber, it will experience stomach upset and  begin to drop watery stools. It is unlikely that your cockatiel will overeat the cucumbers, but keep track of how much you feed it to err on the safe side. 

Loss of appetite

Cockatiels enjoys eating cucumbers. However, if a bird fills up on cucumber, it will have taken a lot of water and a very small amount of nutrients. Only offer cucumbers after the cockatiel has finished its main meal. 

Some cockatiels are fussy eaters, so if they eat a bad cucumber, they’ll lose their appetite. Taste the cucumber before feeding the cockatiel to ensure it tastes okay. 


Although it is unlikely, some cockatiels may have an allergic reaction to cucumbers. Monitor your bird closely the first time you feed it cucumbers to ensure it doesn’t have allergies. 

How Many Cucumbers Should Cockatiels Eat?

Cockatiels should eat moderate amounts of cucumber. One or two thin slices occasionally should be enough. Be careful not to eliminate other healthy  treats such as fruits and nuts from the bird’s diet by feeding it too much cucumber. 


However, when treating overweight cockatiels, bigger servings of cucumber are recommended. The high water content and low calories satiate the bird while maintaining the caloric deficit required for weight loss. 

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How Do You Prepare Cucumbers For Cockatiels?

Cockatiels can eat cucumbers raw, boiled, or mashed. Cucumber seeds are not toxic, unlike apple seeds, so you don’t have to remove them before feeding. Cut the vegetable into small pieces or slices that the bird can swallow. 

If you boil the cucumber, do not use any spices, seasoning, or salt because that could harm your bird. 

Can You Feed Cucumbers To Baby Cockatiels? How?

Yes, you can feed cucumbers to baby cockatiels. Ensure you can slice or cut them into tiny pieces that the baby birds can easily swallow. You can also boil and mash the cucumbers to soften them for the baby cockatiels. 

Baby Cockatiels

What If My Cockatiel Is Allergic To Cucumbers?

If your cockatiel can’t eat cucumbers because it is allergic, there is no reason to panic. There are plenty of other fruits and vegetables which have the same nutrients as a cucumber that your feathered friend can eat. 

Here’s a video of a cockatiel enjoying a slice of cucumber. 


1. Can A Cockatiel Eat Pickles?

No, cockatiels shouldn’t eat pickles. Though a fresh cucumber has a subtle taste that cockatiels like, pickles are flavored and have a bit of a tang. The salt, vinegar, and other seasonings a pickle is soaked in aren’t good for cockatiels. 

2. What Vegetables Can Cockatiels Eat?

Vegetables are great for cockatiels because they contain many vitamins and minerals. Some of the healthy vegetables the birds can eat are;
1. Carrots
2. Tomatoes
3. Kale
4. Spinach
5. Mustard greens
6. Sweet potatoes
7. Cabbage
8. Green beans


Although cockatiels should eat a seed diet mainly, you should feed them treats like fruits and fresh vegetables to supplement the diet. These treats provide vital nutrients that keep your bird healthy. 

One of the best treats for your cockatiel is cucumber. Its high water and mineral content make it a healthy snack for your feathered friend.

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