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Can Cockatiels Eat Raspberries? All Details Revealed

Can Cockatiels Eat Raspberries

The feathered friends have for long been man’s great companions. Cockatiels specifically are affectionate and gentle, making them ideal pets. A thriving relationship, however, will not come unless you feed them a nutritionally balanced diet. 

Can cockatiels eat raspberries? Yes, besides bird seed, pellets, and fresh vegetables, cockatiels also eat raspberries. Raspberries, like all other fruits in the berry family fit for human consumption, are an essential part of the cockatiels’ diet. But, they only need the raspberries in small quantities to benefit.  

You’re probably wondering what small quantities mean, and what would happen if you overfed your cockatiel with raspberries. Keep reading for answers to all your questions. 

Can you Feed Raspberries to Cockatiels? 

Cockatiels enjoy a wide range of fruits for essential nutrients. However, it’s advisable to avoid the seeds and pits of some fruits like apples, apricots, plums, and more. Most importantly, you should understand all about cockatiels and how well you should mix their food. 

Thankfully, you can feed raspberries to your cockatiels safely. It’s one of the fruit types that wild cockatiels feed on naturally in the forest. However, moderation is highly encouraged because you also need to incorporate other foods, healthy veggies and fresh water. 

Can you Feed Raspberries to Cockatiels

Another reason you should feed your cockatiels with raspberries is that they are healthy. We will talk about the health benefits in detail as we proceed. However, we have the below recommendations for your cockatiels to enjoy the full benefits.

1. If Possible, Purchase Organic Raspberries 

Raspberries are prone to infestation by pests of all kinds. As such, most farmers use high levels of pesticides. It gets even worse when some of these farmers fail to observe the pre-harvest interval. 

Should that happen, you end up with raspberries containing chemicals. The effect may be gradual but may eventually affect your birds’ health. Going organic is the only way out here. 

2. Always Feed your Cockatiels Fresh Raspberries

Raspberries tend to have a short shelf life. You’ve to be careful when buying some for your cockatiels. They shouldn’t be mushy or overly ripe. 

If they appear moldy or discolored, definitely they are not fresh. Feeding such bad raspberries to your birds is very risky. Having an awkward smell also means something is off. Precisely, if you can’t eat it, don’t feed it to your birds.  

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3. Only Feed the Birds Clean Fruits 

Even when fresh, fruits are usually dirty by the time they get to you. Cleaning removes the dirt and bacteria resting on them. The process also gets rid of chemicals that could be holding onto the fruits.

The most effective way to clean raspberries is to leave them dipped in salty water for about 15 minutes. You could use baking soda as an alternative to salt. After scrubbing them, rinse them off to ascertain they are completely clean.  

Do Cockatiels Like Raspberries? 

Yes, they do. Raspberries are not just a juicy fruit, but also naturally tart and sweet. They also look very appealing to the eye. Cockatiels love them for their appeal and more so, the sweet taste. 

Cockatiels Like Raspberries

Since they have high sugar content, these fruits are only good when you want to spoil your birds occasionally. Amazingly, some birds will not eat more than what they need. However, for those that will keep eating more and more, you should learn the limits. 

Health Benefits for Cockatiels Eating Raspberries 

Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber, which enhances flawless gut operation during digestion. At the same time, raspberries are known to regulate blood pressure in humans and all other animals that consume them. Other health benefits your cockatiel is likely to enjoy include: 

  • Blood sugar and cholesterol management 
  • High vitamin C levels for healthy cockatiels feathers and skin 
  • High vitamin K and manganese for easy blood clotting and improved mental health 

All these nutrients combined make this a superfood. We’ve not talked about its antioxidants that help the body release toxic elements. But, you need to research about the best way to store raspberries for your cockatiels to benefit fully. Do not overfeed them because it will not have extra benefits, but potential risks. 

How do you Prepare Raspberries for Cockatiels? 

Thankfully, raspberries don’t require much prepping because they are tiny. You only need an ideal stationary surface to put in a bowl. You’ll then pour a few clean fruits for the birds to feed on.  

How do you Prepare Raspberries for Cockatiels

How Much Raspberries Should Cockatiels Eat?

Since the health benefits of raspberries are many, a small share of berries will go a long way. A single fruit is good enough for a day. You may need to reduce this share if your birds have chronic diseases like diabetes. However, ensure you feed the vegetables and alternative fruits daily.  

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Can you Feed Raspberries to Baby Cockatiels?

Baby cockatiels require proper care and affection. When happy, you’ll see them raising their crests and grinding their beaks with satisfaction. Feeding them with raspberries is good for their proper development but from the 4-5th week. 

Can you Feed Raspberries to Baby Cockatiels

For easy feeding, you should shred the fruits and hand-feed your baby cockatiels. But, as with their adult cockatiels, ensure you incorporate a variety of safe fruits. All fruits combined should account for about 20% of their mainstay diet. 

Is It Hard to Feed Raspberries to Cockatiels?

Getting cockatiels to eat raspberries shouldn’t be a hurdle. This juicy and nutritious fruit is tasty for both humans and cockatoos. Its appearance is also attractive so your cockatiel will immediately start munching on it as soon as you serve. 


Despite highlighting the fundamental issues surrounding this topic, you may have more concerns. Below are more insights for your knowledge.

1. Would Excess Raspberries Kill Cockatiels?

Overfeeding cockatiels with raspberries may not necessarily kill them. However, everything you feed your little friends determines how long they will live. 

2. How Safe are Raspberry Seeds to Cockatiels? 

The seeds are entirely safe. They don’t contain the toxic element present in acidic fruits.  


So, can cockatiels eat raspberries? Treating your cockatiels with sweet fruits like raspberries from time to time is highly recommended. It strengthens your bond and makes them happy. It’s only then that you’ll see the affectionate side of cockatiels.

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