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Can Cockatiels Eat Honey? Is This A Healthy Diet Addition?

Can Cockatiels Eat Honey

Cockatiels are medium-sized parrots that are a great addition to pet birds. However, petting these birds requires experience and proper knowledge, specially about their food habit. 

So, can cockatiels eat honey? Yes, but it’s best to use it as an occasional treat rather than a regular part of their diet. Like many other birds, Cockatiels are omnivores and can eat various things, including honey. However, honey should not make up a large portion of their diet, as it can be high in sugar and cause obesity and other health problems in birds.

If you want to pet cockatiels or willing to pet some, follow this article to learn about their food habit and everything that can ensure a healthy diet for their tiny body. 

Can you feed Honey to Cockatiels? 

Indeed, you can feed honey to Cockatiels. But, it is not part of their daily diet. The high sugar content can cause several health problems, including weight gain. 

You can mix honey with seed sticks, seed balls, and other food items as an occasional treat for them. Instead of feeding them honey or dairy products, you should provide them with fresh fruits. Honey and dairy products are considered junk foods for them. 

So, avoid it in their daily food dish and give them a balanced diet. For example, canary grass seed and fresh foods are nutritious foods and ensure balanced diets for them. There are no right amounts of honey for cockatiels. However, you should give a bird a few drops of honey weekly. Treating them with honey sticks, give one stick per bird weekly.  

Can you feed Honey to Cockatiels

Bird owners usually mix honey with various kinds of seeds, And there are alternate varieties of honey treats that bird pet owners use. For example, honey sticks, and honey nut cheerios. 

Well, while feeding honey-related foods, try to provide enough clean water, which will help them to digest it properly. 

So, you can feed honey to cockatiels. But it is not part of the ideal diet for them. Ground rice, wheat, white millet, fresh fruit, and various seeds are considered proper diets for them. 

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Do Cockatiels Like Honey?

Honey is a sweet treat for cockatiels. So, indeed they love it. Even if you feed them raw honey, they will never deny it. But, you have to know the right amount of honey that is safe for them. 

Cockatiels Like Honey

They like it, but you have to be cautious not to overfeed. Moreover, honey does not contain any harmful substance that can be dangerous for your birds.

Health Benefits of Cockatiels Eating Honey

Honey has various health benefits, which include weight gain and regaining energy. It is a sweet treat for birds that you already know. Also, it can be great food for your weak and unhealthy birds. Since honey contains high sugar, as a great energy source, it will quickly gain energy and recover the health of birds

Health Benefits of Cockatiels Eating Honey

So, when you have any health issues with your birds, it will help to boost the immune system and give some quick energy to recover quickly. Also, it helps in the digestive system when you feed it properly. 

How Much Honey Should Cockatiels Eat?

Since it is not a staple food for your cockatiels, you have to give it a small portion once or twice a week. Usually, if you mix honey with seeds, that would be better. Never think of feeding your pet birds raw honey or too much honey. 

How Much Honey Should Cockatiels Eat

However, there is various bird food available in pet stores that have the right amount of nutrition, which helps birds’ health. So, you can try them while intend to feed honey to your cockatiels.

How Do You Prepare Honey For Cockatiels?

There is nothing exceptional about preparing honey for cockatiels. And you are not going to give it daily to the birds. Therefore, you do not have to worry about overthinking. When you need to feed your birds, mix honey with it. 

For example, if you feed the birds seeds, mix a few drops of honey. Make sure not to give more than a few drops to birds. Also, mix it correctly with the food to let them have a proper test of honey. As you intend to give them a sweet treat, let them test it properly. 

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Can You Feed Honey To Baby Cockatiels?

Baby cockatiels enjoy everything that adults do. You can give them 75% pelleted food and 25% seeds. I recommend avoiding honey which has a high amount of sugar. Avoid honey and stick to regular foods if your baby cockatiels have any health issues. 

Can You Feed Honey To Baby Cockatiels

Video Of Cockatiels Eating Honey

See how cockatiels eat honey. 


Here are the answers to the most asked question on this topic. 

1. What foods are toxic to Cockatiel?

Like other birds, Avocado, Caffeine, Chocolate, and Salt are toxic food for cockatiels. Try to avoid this to ensure safe health for your beloved pet birds. Instead, try white millet, yellow millet, fleshy fruit, or natural ground wheat. 

2. Is honey safe for birds?

Yes, honey treat is safe for birds. But, feeding too much honey can cause several problems. So, you can give it in small portions as a sweet treat once a week. 

3. Can cockatiels eat sugar?

Overeating sugar can gain weight unnaturally and cause adverse health effects. So, it is better to avoid raw sugar. 


So, that was all about can cockatiels eat honey or not. Honey is one of the most popular people foods. And it is easy for human consumption. However, it is a poor diet choice for cockatiels. 

It is an occasional treat you can give your cockatiels once or twice a week in a small portion. Make sure to follow the pelleted food for cockatiels that consists of proper nutrition and ensure the healthy life of your pet birds. 

If you do not know the right amount, you should avoid honey. Usually, too much sugar can cause digestive problems to them.

Do you know if your cockatiels can eat raisins or raspberries? Read our articles about it to learn more.


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