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Can Crows Be Tamed? Can You Befriend a Crow?

Can Crows Be Tamed

Crows are intelligent birds of the genus Corvus, known to have the largest brain-to-body ratio of any bird. They are migratory birds, which in most countries are illegal to keep. However, many bird lovers wonder if crows can be tamed as pet birds or if they can become friends with them.

So, can crows be tamed? Crows can be tamed, but in an environment where they can occasionally return to the wild. However, keeping crows as pet birds is illegal in many countries, and you will require a permit. Befriending a crow is achieved by providing treats and an ideal environment.

In this article, you will learn several ways to befriend a crow. You will also know how to safely do that while keeping yourself safe from diseases they carry.

Can Crows Be Tamed?

Crows can be tamed, though unlike other bird pets bought in a pet store, crows have to be captured. Crows are social creatures who flock in large numbers for several reasons, and caging them can result in stress and loneliness. Below are several things to consider before taming crows

Can Crows Be Tamed
  1. Legality – In many countries, including America, it’s illegal to tame or domesticate these birds. Illegally domesticating a crow is a felony since they are among birds protected under the migratory bird treaty act. It’s best to acquire a permit before taming any migratory wild birds.
  2. Environment – Crows require a quiet environment with substantial access to sunlight. Like other birds, UV lighting has several benefits to crows including the provision of vitamin D. Caging these birds indoors or even in a glass aviary is not advised because they benefit from direct UV rays.
  3. Comfort – Crows need to fly for several hours each day, and keeping one will require a big cage or aviary. They also require frequent interactions with flock members, and they can get stressed and lonely if living by themselves.

How Can You Befriend a Crow?

Since it’s illegal to tame wild crows, you can always befriend them to keep them around your home. Crows are intelligent and smart birds who tend to hold back while interacting with humans. The following are several things you can do to befriend a crow.

How Can You Befriend a Crow
Befriending a crow
  • Spotting a flock of crows nearby, providing treats, and having constant interactions should be the first step to friendship. You might need to keep your distance while feeding them, as not to create unnatural dependence on them.
  • Crows can eat various food items, including seeds, dry cat food, meat scraps, and other pet foods. You can place these foods in bird feeders for easier feeding and protect them from other wild animals. However, these amazing birds can use other healthy foods you give to your pet birds.
  • Clear your yard from things that can scare the crows, like bells and wind chimes.
  • Use decoy birds to attract these crows because their wild instincts make them suspicious of humans. A decoy will motivate these clever birds but don’t use owl decoys they will scare them.
  • Use crow callers to attract them to your yard with crow sounds. You can use electronic or manual callers.
  • Create perches and bird bathes in your yard where these intelligent creatures can rest and bathe.
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In all this, please remember that crows are self-reliant and love exercising their wild minds. An attempt to show them love and kindness as you cage them would never suffice. The worst thing about caging these wild birds is hurting them. 

Taming a Crow

If they lack the opportunity to explore and exercise their energy and intelligence, they may become deranged and overly crazy. This is one of the reasons why caging them is illegal in the US. crows enjoy their wild habitats more, and nothing in your home would give them half of what they enjoy. 

Do Crows Get Attached to Human Beings? 

Crows are great birds only if you understand them. You can keep them close as friends, but not in captivity. The best thing about these charming birds is that they understand human beings and develop relationships with them. They also recognize faces and respond in various ways to communicate their feelings. 

Do Crows Get Attached to Human Beings

Challenges Of Taming a Crow

If you decide to tame a crow, there are several challenges you will face. The first one will be acquiring a permit to keep them as pets, which is near impossible to secure. The licenses are mostly issued to wildlife experts in bird rehabilitation centers and wildlife protection services.

Challenges Of Taming a Crow

According to ScienceDaily, crows carry campylobacter jejuni, a bacterium that causes acute gastroenteritis in humans. Without the required avian knowledge, you might contact this bacterium while handling your pet crow and get sick. Taking care of crows also requires you to build a large cage or an aviary which is expensive. 

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As a bird lover, you might at one time consider taming crows as pets. However, since not many people keep captive crows, many questions regarding this endeavor remain unanswered. The following are common questions frequently asked regarding this matter and their answers.

1. Do Crows Like to Be Pets?

Unlike other pets like budgies and cockatiels who crave human friendship, crows don’t. They are naturally unfriendly and like living in the wide-open sky with other birds. However, you can try befriending the crows to have them around, not as pet crows but as regular visitors.

2. How Do You Know If a Crow Likes You?

If you intend to befriend crows, you can determine if they like you by how frequently they visit your yard. If these social birds like you, they will eat food pellets and other favorite foods you provide as soon as you serve them. Ensure the yard is free from things that can scare them so they can feel safer.

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Crows are sometimes regarded as the smartest birds, one of many reasons crow lovers consider taming and befriending them. In most countries, keeping these birds and other migratory birds is illegal, and a permit is required. A person rearing these pet crows will need a large cage or aviary to provide enough space for the birds to fly.

Generally, crows don’t like humans and don’t like to be reared as pets. However, you can create a friendship with crows by regularly providing treats and creating a suitable environment for them. It’s best to call a licensed wildlife Rehabilitator if you spot an injured crow after issuing first aid.


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