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Where To Buy A Cockatiel In America? – All Possible Ways Discussed

Where To Buy A Cockatiel

The cockatiel is one of our favorite mends and pet all the time. People who have just decided to pet cockatiels may search for the place where they are sold in America. 

You may find some people who sell their pet cockatiels. You will also find out some stores selling the bird and their necessary things. Over time, many online services and marketplaces that deal with selling cockatiels to the customer in America have evolved.

You can get cockatiels from similar places, but it requires proper selection, pricing, and bird care. This article will clear everything you have thought or been planning for now.

Where Do You Get Cockatiel?

You can get cockatiels from stores, online portals, and from other places as well. Sometimes, people set their birds for adoption. You can get a cockatiel from such instances.

Where Do You Get Cockatiel

Some best ways to get cockatiels are discussed below. 

1. By Adoption

There are scopes to adopt cockatiel. You just need to search around. Many owners move to places and don’t want to keep their birds wandering inside the cage. There might be other reasons too for holding up the bird for adoption.

You can grasp the opportunity and get the bird for yourself. In most cases, you don’t need to pay any cost for the adoption. It’s just the passing of the responsibility.

2. From Cockatiel Breeders

Raising the bird to the fullest is the main aim of the breeders. These local breeders train the birds, make them suitable to live inside the cage, and set up the perfect food and drinking routine for the cockatiels. The breeders confuse the love and bond between the bird and the human.

And getting it from the cockatiel breeders means you are preparing the bird. You don’t have to train them again. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about keeping them inside the cage. You just need to provide timely food and care to them.

3. Pet-Stores

A bunch of pet stores have developed around the US. Their branches have been expanding, and their goals have been updated. And cockatiels are widely available there.

We also got PetCo which is another physical pet store. You can go there, choose your cockatiel and get it. Don’t worry about knowing the information about the birds. There is stuff to help you with everything you need.


One of the best things about physical stores is that you can get everything there. Starting from the cage to food to the living tray, you can buy everything you need for your bird. They often put tamed cockatiels for sale, which is quite rare around. That’s helpful if you’re getting one for the first time.

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4. Online Stores

Everything has now been shifting online, and so is selling cockatiels. You can buy cockatiels from different online portals. Craigslist is one of the leading online stores that sell pet birds. Their “cockatiel for sale” stays everynow and then. You just need to visit the site and check it out. 

You can see the birds in the portal, choose them according to your desire, make the payment and confirm the order. The store will deliver the bird to your door all by themselves. 

But sometimes, there are drawbacks to using online stores. You might not find similarities in the cockatiel colors, especially for yellow cockatiel, after receiving it. Sometimes the size mismatches.

These are just mere factors. Better you get all the info from the specification of the bird right on the portal and then order.

How Much do Cockatiels Cost in USA?

The cost of cockatiels varies from different points of view. You won’t have to spend much money if you adopt it. But, getting the bird from a breeder, or store will cost you much here. Let’s give a breakdown of the cost here.

How Much do Cockatiels Cost in USA

Cost According to the Source of Cockatiel

From Breeder$100-$300
From Pet Stores$100-$200
From Online Stores$200-$450

Cost According to the Breed of Cockatiel

Apart from the stores, the price of the cockatiels varies as per their breed. The latest prices of the most common breeds of cockatiels in America are as follows. 

Cinnamon Cockatiel$140-$170
Pearl Cockatiel$160-$220
Lutino Cockatiel$160-$250
Pied Cockatiel$120-$180

Additional Expenses to Pet a Cockatiel

Petting a cockatiel is not that easy. You need to take proper care of the bird. For that, you must make a separate budget per. This is entirely exclusive of the initial cocktail price.

Cost TypeCost (Per Year)
Annual Expenses$200-$220
X-Ray Cost$45-$135
Travel Cage$60

How to Get the Perfect Cockatiel?

Getting the perfect cockatiel should be your main priority here. After all, you’re spending money on it. So, set your desired cockatiel colors for a vast option. If you’re confused, go for white cockatiel first. If you don’t like it, then check out the yellow cockatiel.

From our observations, if you’re willing to buy a cockatiel, always go for the most cheerful and energetic one. You can observe it from outside the cage and watch its activities.

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You won’t have to concentrate on the bird all the time. That’s because the more energetic it is, the less hassle it’ll be. Also, there will be less risk of any sickness or illness of the bird.

How to Get the Perfect Cockatiel

Now comes the checking. Always check the eyes and nostrils of the cockatiel. The area between the beaks and the nostril should be clean.

Don’t forget to check the body as well. Any mark or spot should be immediately looked upon. Also, the feathers should be plain and straight without any breakage.

It’s best if you get a cockatiel that is trained. If it’s not, you can train the cockatiel by yourself as well.

Lastly, make sure that the cockatiel chooses you. That means you must be polite with the cockatiel right from the beginning. Once it catches your emotions, you’ll never have to worry about it. You’ll find your cockatiel living for you.

How Much is a Cockatiel at Petsmart?

To name some of the renowned stores in America, we have got PetSmart as one of the most successful pet stores in the country. Their service and price range have been very drastic and favorable to the general public. Their white cockatiel section is great.

Talking about the prices of the cockatiel, they don’t differ much from the other stores. You’ll find them ranging from $80-$200. Also, they provide many discounts and offer during the black friday sales and other occassions. 

How Much is a Cockatiel at Petsmart

If you get your cockatiel from here, you also don’t have to worry about the foods and other necessary things. Here, you are getting everything at once as stacked. 


Some of the most common questions we’ve been getting around for the availability of cockatiels in the USA are just given here. You can have many ideas from it.

1. Is it better to have two cockatiels instead of one?

At a young age, Cockatiels need no partner and tend to stay alone. Getting one cockatiel for petting would be better than having 2.

2. What’s the lifespan of a cockatiel?

A cockatiel typically lives up to 15 years. If you take proper care, it can stay for 20 years.

3. Is it necessary to cover the cockatiel’s cage at night?

It is not necessary to cover the cockatiel’s cage at night. They can adjust to the environment and sleep accordingly.

Final Words

Getting the right cockatiel now is the main priority. You already know where to buy cockatiel in America. Now, just go there, select the one you need, and pick it up.

All our wishes stand, but you must ensure proper care for the bird. After all, it is one of us and tends to live for us. Keeping it in a cage only doesn’t complete the duty. Instead, spend some time, play with the bird, and take regular check-ups of it. Then, you’ll see how amazing it responds to you.


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