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Owl Without Feathers? Here’s How It Will Look Like

Owl Without Feathers

A featherless owl could be something new that you have discovered. While a naked owl may seem strange to you, featherless owls exist in real life. 

So, how an owl without feathers looks like? An owl without feathers looks horrifying. Feathers covered on their body parts seem so necessary, because, without them, they look spooky. This featherless appearance is bizarre to a large number of people.

However, you would not only like to read about the featherless owl but also want to see a featherless owl, right? So in this article, you can see the pictures of featherless owls and learn everything regarding it.

What Do Owls Look Like Without Feathers?

Owls without feathers are called barn owls. They are also known as naked owls. Barn owls without feathers are scary and weird. And at the same time, they look like snakes. But surprisingly, many people find them cute too. 

What Do Owls Look Like Without Feathers

So what parts of the naked owl make them look so terrifying? Let’s know it right away. The creepy parts of naked owls that make them scary in appearance are given below – 

  • Eyes: The featherless owl has forward-facing black eyes. These eyes look pretty large because of their featherless head. This is one of the reasons why they look terrifying.
  • Color: Featherless owls have jet-black eyes. They have a combination of yellowish-beige and grey on the head and wings and white on the underwings. The white face and body make them quite visible at night because of the color.
  • Legs: They have pretty long legs than the body, which without feathers, look more creepy.

The feathers are a cloth of an owl. Without the fabric, these featherless owls look petrifying. The big black eyes, long legs, and white face could seem super creepy at night!

You can have a look at this video to learn more about naked owls.

Here’s How An Owl Without Feather Looks Like

You have already read what they look like. But it is not enough to fulfill the curiosity. You might be wondering what a barn owl without feathers looks like. So have a look at these pictures to know what they really look like –

How An Owl Without Feather Looks Like

Owls should be furry and full of weather. They have a reputation for being lovable. But since people have discovered the featherless owls, they find these owls ghostly and creepy. Since you also know the owl’s appearance, you might think this photo is photoshopped. But no, they are not. 

A post about a naked owl went viral in 2017. The author’s name was Dana Schwart. She tweeted a picture of an owl without fur on Twitter. She wrote that I had googled what is the appearance of a Barn owl and after watching these pictures, I was shocked. 

After that, people over the internet went crazy about it. That picture went viral fast. How can a bird look like this? People stated some of these comments in the comment section of Dana Schwart’s tweet –

  • “This just ruined owls for me”- stated a Twitter user
  • “With make-up versus without make up”- expressed by a Twitter user
  • “This is one fucked up Harry Potter spin-off”- stated by a Twitter user

Besides, people were curious about it, and some thought the picture was not of an owl.  It could be a skeleton. And they thought it was a structure of an alien. 

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However, later everything became apparent. Jeffrey Meshach is a vice director of an aviary. He said that it’s a fantastic photo that shows feathers can change the look of a bird. 

Are Featherless Owls Real?

Yes. An owl without hair is real. Due to their strange appearance, people may think they are imaginary and don’t exist. But it’s not true. If you find it hard to believe, you might try to look out for them at dusk or dawn time in the sky.

They are active this time because of being nocturnal. You may spot them, which will make it clear that they are real. Further, I will tell you when featherless owls remain most active and how you can see them, which will help you find the truth.

How To See A Featherless Owl?

Owls with no hair are different from typical owls in appearance. They look weird and unnatural. So it is obvious to want to spot a featherless owl because we are curious.

How To See A Featherless Owl

We want to know what it actually feels like to spot owls without feathers in real. But where can you spot owls with no feathers? Let’s understand it right away –

  • Try to spot a featherless owl in clear weather. They don’t like rain or windstorm. So if you choose bad weather, you won’t spot them. They remain in cavities in such time
  • Choose a place where naked owls go hunting. Farmlands, urban areas, hedgerows, etc., are where they mostly go hunting. You may spot them here
  • Winter is the best season to spot a naked owl. Because featherless owls do nocturnal activities at night, we can’t look for a featherless owl at night time. The featherless owls go for food hunting in daylight in the winter season. So you can try to spot them in daylight too, if it is winter
  • You can spot a featherless owl on roadside verges too. Usually, dusk and dawn are good times to spot them. They stay active this time. So you can go out to spot them at dusk or dawn time

Moreover, if you want to see naked owls eagerly, follow the above tips. You may spot them if you go along with the above points.

Why Don’t Featherless Owls Have Feather?

It is yet to be discovered why featherless owls don’t have feathers. But people have made their own approach to it. Some people think that they lost their feathers because of air pollution. Additionally, they also feel that chemicals could be the reason for them being featherless. 

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However, people also feel that barn owls without feathers are a variation of owl that has been discovered.

Are Featherless Owls Friendly?

Featherless owls are not friendly with human beings at all. The same goes for the regular owls as well. They are aggressive in nature. Although there are not many reports of them harming or attacking human beings, you should still remain careful. 

Here are some reasons why featherless owls are not friendly –

  • They see human beings as their opponent. So this is quite obvious that they won’t like you or be friends with you
  • They don’t have a sense of loyalty
  • They don’t like human company
  • They don’t like to be touched
  • They don’t like to be petted
  • They are very less affectionate to people

That’s why owls with no hair, including typical owls, are not friendly. You should not approach them too to avoid potential dangers.

Are Owls Without Feathers Dangerous For Other Creatures?

Yes. Naked owls or owls without feathers are dangerous. They have sharp claws and beaks, which can badly wound their prey. Besides, they are good at hunting. These owls use their talons while preying.

Are Owls Without Feathers Dangerous For Other Creatures

They become vicious while hunting and can kill insects badly. Likewise, they eat mammals and insects, so tiny creatures have to be really scared of these featherless owls.


You may have some questions regarding the featherless owl. So, here are some frequently asked questions by people about the featherless owl. Check it out-

Q: Are Featherless Owls Nocturnal?

Yes. Featherless owls are nocturnal. They are always active at night. You can easily spot them at dusk or down in the night sky. But in winter, they have to hunt during the daytime because of the cold. 

Q: Is It Rare To Spot A Featherless Owl?

Yes. It is quite rare to spot a featherless owl. Usually, people stay outside during the daytime. This time, owls stay in their chamber. And at night time, people stay inside their homes, so they can’t see featherless owls because these owls are active at night.

Q: What Countries Does Featherless Owl Live In?

Featherless owls live in North America, Africa, South America, India, Australia and Europe. They are almost everywhere except desert regions, a few pacific islands and most places of Indonesia.


Featherless owls are non-identical to normal owls. That’s the reason people are curious about it. These owls look scary without feathers because their head seems small, their eyes look big, and their legs are taller compared to their body size. This appearance is enough to horrify a person, mostly at night. 

In the above article, I have described what featherless owls look like, where and when you can spot them, why they don’t have feathers and everything about it. So if you are too curious and want to spot featherless owls, you can do it easily by following this article. 


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